Optical fiber connectors, clean little knowledge

by:Tumtec      2020-07-17
1. Why don't use cotton ball with alcohol to clean light fittings? Optical fiber connectors cleaning requirements is far much higher than the lens cleaning requirements. Cotton or lens paper fibers coarser, only to the wear and tear of optical fiber connector. Abroad already not use tampons or lens paper to clean optical fiber connectors. For optical instrument is prohibited to use cotton ball or lens paper to clean optical fiber connectors. 2. Why use the OAM optical fiber connector cleaner? The OAM fiber interface cleaner OMA company development research for the United States, used in all kinds of optical fiber in optical fiber communication transmission network interface cleaning and a kind of high technology content of products. Over its effects can make the optical signal return loss to hundreds of thousands of even one over one million. The OAM cleaner used special soft fiber optical fiber interface, has the following advantages: ( 1) Safe and reliable: than the use of alcohol, ether and cotton ball or lens paper is easy to cause secondary defiled traditional cleaning method, unique design and material selection to make clean every time achieve ideal results. And the operator does not have any bad effects on the environment. Can effectively prevent due to alcohol, ethanol causes fire. ( 2) Easy to use: work don't have to carry many other traditional products, only a wipe gently, optical fiber connection joints of dust and oil sludge is cleared. ( 3) Economical: adopt new design structure, patented product material, substantially reducing the costs of production. Commodity prices is only a fraction of the similar imported products. Carton clean with a clean and more than 500 optical fiber interface, and the cleaner clean belt can be replaced. ( 4) Wide range of USES: can be used for optical experimental research unit, and can be used in indoor and outdoor fiber optic communications construction, maintenance, and fiber optic equipment, parts suppliers with good quality. ( 5) Applicability: can be used for such as SC, FC, LC, ST, D4, DIN, etc all kinds of optical fiber interface. 3. How to use the OAM optical fiber connector cleaner? 吗? Pull at the top of the optical fiber interface cleaner keys away, put the contaminated optical fiber connector joint in one of the purge tank clean. it slightly rub again. 吗? After cleaning for the first time, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, to put the connector into another purge tank clean. it clean again. 吗? After the clean, will be key to loosen, pull key will automatically shut down. So repeated use. 4. Why use compressed gas dedusting agent? Compressed gas dust removal agent is also called the 'brush' gas, especially suitable for occasions of the conventional dedusting method is hard to work, can safely quickly remove dust on the surface of the precision electronics, optical instrument, fiber scrap, metal ion and other pollutants. This product is widely used in all kinds of optical fiber communication, printed circuit boards, electronic instrument, optical instruments, electronic computer, intelligent equipment, communication equipment, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, maintenance of advanced camera, video camera, camera, etc. The safety of this product is a flexible dust, without damage. 5. How to use compressed gas dedusting agent? 吗? Armed with compressed gas dust removal agent, the body upright, 5 - from cleaning Pull off 10 cm, upper part of the actuator insurance, short, frequent press actuators to purge. The part of the hard to hit a please use the extension tube. 吗? When using do not shake or tilted tanks. The move will lead to tank of compressed gas liquid flow, may be damaged skin or damage to the glass. 吗? Continuous use compressed gas dedusting agent can lead to a loss of ability to purge, but placed after a period of time to recover. 吗? Please use compressed gas dedusting agent in ventilated environment. 吗? Compressed gas dedusting agent for pressure container, keep away fire, don't pry, knock, puncture, should be placed below 50 ° C and the reach of children.
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