Optical fiber cutting knife blade series

by:Tumtec      2020-07-20
Several problems in adjusting the DVP cutting knife and install the blade of the knife is bad to have the following several ways: 1, cut constantly: may be knife wear out after a period of time, the height of the knife down, then can loosen the two screws fixed blade, used knife surface rotating a small Angle, then fixed blades. As also cut constantly, to adjust the blade height. 2, face a thorn: knife surface height is low, to adjust the height, method 3, the end face of oblique and core flower: probably on the surface of the knife this unhappy, skip this point rotating knife surface. May also be a blade height adjustable is too high, then to loosen the two screws on the surface of the fixed knife, knife even seat bottom fixed to adjust the blade height of screw loosening, peel a bare fiber, on load fibre channel, covering the left clamp, the right pressure fiber flat open, use a word up turn adjusting screw, reduce the knife surface height, master a principle, the fiber on the left with your hand lightly in the rubber mat, make fiber contact with about rubber MATS, head movement, after the former blade can run into optical fiber, optical fiber slightly vibrate, then first fixed base screw, tight two fixed screw below. Such as transverse or oblique, again a little bit lower height, such as constantly illustrate the cutter face is too low, will rise again. So again and again. Above is a little simple debug method, but to slowly groping. Second, to replace the blade 1. Loosen the cutting knife at the bottom and the screw 2 on both sides of the CAM. 3 take incised cutter at the bottom of the screws. Put the screw on the CAM, with handle gently pull screw, remove the CAM, and remove the old blade, changing new blades. 4. Install the CAM in situ. Screw, on the bottom for reuse. Note: please use other screw cutting knife.
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