Optical fiber dissolves operation specification

by:Tumtec      2020-07-16
Operators should be trained to master behavioral essentials and operation specification. First clean cutting knife and adjust the position of the blade and knife put to smooth, cutting, the movement wants natural, smooth, not heavy, don't worry, to avoid broken fiber, bevel, burrs, cracks and other bad end. Also, learn to play the piano ', 'reasonable allocation and use their right hand fingers, and make it correspond to specific parts of the cutter, coordination, improve the cutting speed and quality. Heat shrinkable casing should beware of end face pollution through before strip cladding, is strictly prohibited in the end through after preparation. Bare fiber cleaning, cutting and welding time should connect, an interval is too long, especially the preparation of end face do not have in the air. Moves to should take put down gently, prevent the brush with other objects. In succeeded, should according to the environment, the 'V' shape of the blade groove, clamp, cleaning blade, beware of end surface contamination. Fiber fusion welding is a central part of the work in place of, so in the process of high performance welding machine and welding science operation is necessary.
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