Optical fiber 'fusion' process of welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-05-02
Optical fiber welding machine the welding process of 'fusion' is through the optical fiber welding machine using arc discharge fuse two optical fibers for the integration of process known as welding. Welding machine is one of the modern society the most widely used tool, because it can reach the lowest loss and minimum reflectivity, and provides two the most reliable and strong coupling between the optical fiber. Almost all single-mode and multimode optical fiber is through welding machine for welding, some gradient refractive index distribution of fiber glass produced many layers are sometimes difficult to match, especially in the fiber of different manufacturers, welding can be divided into single core welding and strip welding, first of all, let's look at the single fiber welding, weld and then understand the ribbon. Optical fiber is the most fully automatic welding machine, need you to set a good program, ready to need tools, welding machine itself are matching tool cutting knife, all welding need to use the cutting knife cutting fiber rear can weld, however the quality of welding and cutting precision, the section Angle has great influence. The proper use of welding machine and cutting knife need to carefully read the instructions, each manufacturer's product is slightly different, and the program has a slightly different. Automatic fiber alignment fiber alignment are divided into two kinds, one kind is the fiber core, is a kind of cladding on, in the process of automation, welding machine aim the adjustment in one of two ways: the package layer alignment or fiber core alignment system ( 没有) Fiber core aim is two optical fiber was advancing at the same time, from two directions are 90 degrees apart of lighting. Can see from the screen image, the system automatically identify the core of the fiber, and automatically align them. The system can also be estimated molten weld consumption. Cladding on the cladding fiber alignment is the automatic identification system, then using cladding optical fiber surface to do alignment, relative to the precision of the fiber core on the not that high, that means this way on its transmission and loss will be larger, after completion of welding screen automatically estimate the splicing loss. These two technologies have been widely used. Details please refer to the instruction or consulting manufacturer any problems. Optical fiber welding machine also has commonly used for heating in complete contraction joint protective heating device, to protect it from moisture or other environmental hazards, in addition to the welding machine and cutting knife, the technology to perform welding also need a cable and optical fiber wire stripping pliers tools. When welding after stripping optical fiber coating layer for cutting the fiber length, therefore, it is important to the choice of the stripping pliers, miller pliers, they are most familiar with, and handy, peeling the fiber again with alcohol to wipe clean, in good place the welding machine, cutting both sides ready lifted the lid after welding.
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