Optical fiber head butt in the cause of the failure

by:Tumtec      2020-07-18
Could lead to a connection failure causes include roughly: 1. 2 pollution. 3 fiber rupture. The bad cutting of the fiber or break a 4. Preset grinding fiber and cutting fiber connection gap is too big 5. Partial fiber cutting Angle. Fault location: optical fiber connectors appear pollution possible reasons are: mixer used the contaminated cutting tools ( By anhydrous alcohol to clean tool surface) The cut in pieces again after the completion of polished fiber ( * * * * * * don't wipe fiber after cutting) Pieces will connect or fiber in pieces with the surface of the dust in dusty environment insert broken fiber, excessive force once it is important to note if pollution into internal optical fiber connectors, especially, after contact with joint gel will be hard to be cleared out, this also means that the abandonment of fiber optic connectors. Fault location: fiber fracture reasons may cause fiber rupture: mixer insert overexert pieces fragments of the fiber optic pollution insert broken pieces of pieces of fiber fracture caused by the embedded optical fiber will cause gap and optical fiber failure, and pieces of embedded optical fiber is difficult to be cleared out, this case, optical fiber connectors will be scrapped. Fault location: poor fiber cut or broken fiber cutting bad or broken reasons: pieces of blunt or tear in pieces cutting blade - can't normal cutting fiber cutting tools on the curved rod tongue in places in pieces the excessive concentration of bending force on optical fiber optical fiber bending pieces too much or too tight bending radius in cutting without or lack of hard when there is no debris or without contamination, this allows the optical fiber connectors were cut back in a place. Fault location: preset grinding fiber and cutting fiber connection in place of the cause of the gap is too big are caused by the gap is too big: in pieces pieces optical fiber cutting length is too short fiber was not fully imported, or was at the time of termination in pieces pullback in outdoor cable joint, crossed by pieces back to protect casing in optical fiber optical fiber gap only allow you to be correct. Fault location: partial fiber cutting Angle at the scene of the connection, the cutting Angle of deflection are difficult to detect. Pieces caused by cutting Angle of partial factors are: cutting tools on the tongue places excessive concentration on the fiber bending pieces bending force fiber bending pieces is too large or too tight bending radius there is no lack of stretch or pull general optical fiber in cutting after cutting, typical for 1 - cutting Angle 3 degrees, the use of precision optical fiber cutting knife through the introduction of the above, it is not hard to see the polishing fiber optic field succeeded for sensitive in the process and operation technology, the key to the grinding field technology is installation personnel must maintain uniform cutting and termination process, and to make the installation process is controlled and avoid rework, always in succeeded by detecting ( Such as visible light detection) To build up confidence in the termination process, reduce the risk of failure.
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