Optical fiber loss big welding machine to work? How to reduce?

by:Tumtec      2020-05-07
Optical fiber loss big welding machine to work? How to reduce? Welding machine loss big operation on the question about the following: 1, cutting fiber without cutting is good, or optical fiber cutting knife too. 2, welding machine cleaning and maintenance is not ready, V groove, gland with dirt. 3, welding, mechanical and electrical pressure not to adapt to the environment, need parameter self-inspection or put some correction. Besides loss caused by other reasons: 1, should have well-trained workers to operate optical welding machine complete fiber in place of work, strict technological process welding while measuring optical loss of weld joint, welding loss not weld joint must be new, the number of welding to 3 - over and over again Four advisable, continuous welding effect is still bad, generally after exclusion of optical fiber welding machine for as long as reach the lowest of four welding can, don't repeatedly welding in order to avoid too much bad consumption optical fiber to pan fiber. 2, the type of optical fiber. In disconnected mode field diameter is different, choose close to the same optical fiber, the influence of the welding machine for welding fiber will be relatively small, all required cable is try to use the same manufacturer, the choose and buy the same batch of high-quality fiber; 3, optical fiber on both ends of the disorder. To offer good fiber cable tray number classification, don't jump or disorder, according to the numbering sequence when laying pan fiber, which can ensure accurate at disconnect welding optical fiber. 4, laying optical fiber traction control. Laying optical cable should be controlled in 20 m/min speed is stepless speed regulation of mechanical traction method and traction control in 70% of the cable tension, instantaneous maximum traction force does not exceed itself, traction force must be applied on the reinforcement of cable, cable after erection is generated when the maximum load of elongation should be relatively small. 5, coiled in wiring bale storing plate over the fiber should not be less than 70 cm long, coiling radius of a circle as far as possible big, as if the same root optical forward negative a weld joint loss and is followed by a joint weld in the back of loss value can be larger, if the front joint weld loss value is bigger. 6, optical fiber welding machine end sometimes make fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable during the construction of the bending radius should be at about 35 times the diameter of the fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable pay-off when need to relax a bit, knot without distortion, so that we can reduce the fiber damage in the avoid cable and thus reduce weld losses.
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