Optical fiber mechanical cold subgroups

by:Tumtec      2020-05-23
Optical fiber mechanical cold subgroups, the whole process can be divided into the following 14 steps. 1, handheld Fibrlok connection at one end of the child should be fixed to the Fobrlok succeeded on a board. The Fibrlok succeeded tool is 2, if use 2501 plate, pressure to turn the fiber clamping arm to the corresponding the position of the fiber diameter. 3, peel off the first piece of optical fiber coating layer 1 - 2 inches ( 25 - 51mm) 。 4, good clean strip bare fiber coating layer. 5, cutting 250 um fiber to 12. 5 mm or 900 um fiber to 14 mm. For 250 um and 900 um fiber connection, should first tackle the 250 um optical fiber. Keep the optical fiber end face clean. In the optical fiber is inserted into the child do not touch any surface before. Don't clean fiber again after cutting. 6, using Fibrlok installation tools on cutting length gauge to check the cutting length are appropriate. 7, with both hands will cut fiber into the clamping sponge. Don't let cut fiber come into contact with any surface. 8 and caught near the bare fiber optical fiber with a coating layer or tight part of the casing. Aim the fiber in optical fiber on the guide and keep fiber flat to gently slide into the son succeeded until it met with resistance. 9, stripping, cleaning and cutting the second optical fibers. 10, according to the step 7 in good holding sponge will be the second optical fibers. 11, gently slide into the second optical fibers succeeded in until it met with resistance. The first optical fiber optical fiber due to the second root of slight push force will have a crooked. With appropriate push, the second optical fibers will be close to straight, but there will be no greater than zero. 1 inch ( 3mm) Slightly curved. 12, will be pushed back to the first optical fibers in the child until the two optical fibers in the bending of the same.
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