Optical fiber peeling fiber alignment for welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-05-06
Optical fiber welding mechanism for optical fiber peeling fiber method: fiber coating can be through a variety of techniques to remove, such as mechanical stripping tool, hot stripping equipment, or chemical, typical acrylate coating the fiber, suggest the mechanical stripping, because it is fast, safe, cheap and create a well-defined coating is terminated, note that when the mechanical or thermal stripping fiber, have to be careful, it is very important in order to avoid damage to the fiber surface. Stripping tool should be the right size and design of optical fiber and coating was deprived. In addition, in order to avoid the surface damage of the glass, no coating for more than two inches should be stripped at the same time. The slower softening acrylate coating chemical industry, and create a definition is not clear coating shall be terminated. In addition, the residues of chemical action may result in acrylate coatings to soften and degradation of long after welding have been encapsulated, may cause splicing failure. For this reason, all of the optical fiber exposure to chemical solvent must be thoroughly cleaned after stripping. Surface cleaning: any remaining after the stripping of acrylate coating residues should be removed from the bare fiber surface. A clean, dropping cotton ( Or alcohol pad, gently pull up fiber surface is suitable for most mechanical stripping and acrylate coating optical fiber, it from that point processing bare fiber as less as possible, until finish stitching is very important. The prevention measures to minimize dust or body oil, pollution of the opportunities that may contribute to a higher joint of the optical fiber loss and low tensile strength. It is also important to complete the rest of the splicing process as soon as possible, because additional air pollutants will be exposed to the optical fiber delay. Failure to use carefully cleaning practices may result in the glass surface grinding so as to reduce the strength of joint. Optical fiber terminal Angle: due to the end of the property is mainly affected by the single welding point of view, the appropriate preparation of optical terminal is a welding basic steps to obtain acceptable, optical fiber terminal Angle requirements are slightly different users, depending on the requirement of the splicing loss and the use of cutting knife. In the general case, however, the side Angle of not less than twice to produce an acceptable field weld junction ( Typical end Angle control good cutting knife about less than 1 degree) 。 Fiber alignment methods: initial alignment for single core fiber welding step is to install the cleaning for cutting the fiber to the alignment of the welding machine. First, on the vision alignment in the lateral ( XY) On the direction of optical fiber. Visual position may need to maintain the minimum clearance between the optical fiber, thus reducing the visual error may occur when the manual on the edge of the optical fiber under the amplification. Automatic: for automatic welding machine, involves initial alignment is placed in the optical fiber V groove clamp, the device will automatically on the optical fiber, alignment method: once the fiber has been used in the preparation of fusion ( Stripping, cutting, properly clean and placed on the welding machine) , there are several optional equipment and optical fiber core alignment method are: 1) Using a power source and the detector monitoring; 2) Optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) The purpose of the power monitoring; 3) Partial emission and detection technology; 4) File alignment technology; 5) Passive V groove alignment.
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