Optical fiber systems FAQ

by:Tumtec      2020-05-01
FAQ how can I know the fiber optical system is I buy is the quality? Special equipment, also don't understand. Only on the surface of microscope if they can test the light switch is clean by hand. But, you are using good quality jump line that does not guarantee. By the light switch in the hyssop patch itself does not prove that the high quality connectors, optical fiber welding machine can be. Back to the losses must also be measured. The measurement of the OTDR is not completed correctly, such as equipment. Designed for this task is carried out through the use of special equipment. From the supplier's test certificate want too much, because they don't fickle, customer didn't have a chance to test the data validation. Therefore, you need to have reliable source jumper wire tail fiber, we encourage you to complete. In the catalogue of our products, you specify the value of the ( Transition loss and return loss) Automatic test, to ensure that these values are no label jump line. By SAMM ( Huber and shu can license) Defects of jump line may output ( Optical breakdown) Produces less than 1/1000. Did not provide reference materials for optical test certificate catalog data, unless otherwise specified. How to add fiber? Two types of can. First of all, is known as the optical fiber optical fiber welding machine welding machine. The other is a mechanical accessories. What is the diameter of the fiber bending? Because all the cable, the bending of the fiber cable diameter x 20 fiber, known as the diameter of the ODF, however, allocation and termination box, as long as the minimum bending will be set to keep 3 cm in diameter. Short-term ( During installation, for example) It won't for smaller diameter and bending problem. Fiber optic cable, the distortion is to protect the bare optical fiber with a diameter of fiber optic cable as diameter x 20 is the phrase. For example, fiber optic cable is 1 cm in diameter, most were allowed to bend a 20 cm in diameter In the long run. What is the use of fiber optic cable area? Fiber optic cable, but the former carry on the long line data. When the modulation frequency increases, the increase of the amount of data can be moved. It is too much, in order to increase the diameter of the copper in the copper wire cable can be used in the distance and the optical signals at the same time improve the frequency increases a lot. This is not limited to remember and copper cable in far more than provided estimates used in the area of communications capabilities. For example, the computer network, the ocean, the city and family such as fiber communication between the switch to the application. The use of fiber area is limited by your imagination. What is the optical fiber to the home? ( FTTH, fiber to the home? ) Optical fiber is in your house, until fiber laying, even take out your room. Fiber is the owner and all aspects of the ordinary telephone lines may be very high capacity is insufficient, you can access the data. Therefore, your phone, you in ensuring the high quality fiber optic connections for welding machine connected to the outside world, TV, fax, Internet connection, etc all through a single optical fiber. For the first time in 15 years, has been 2000 test of Turkey's application, began as a business and now continue to grow.
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