Optical fiber technology

by:Tumtec      2020-05-02
Fiber technology is the use of glass, Plastic or fibre) Technology to transmit data. The principle of optical fiber, which is based on total internal reflection. Reflection and refraction of light, depends on in its impact on the surface of the Angle. A kind of optical fiber system is similar to the copper wire system. The difference is with optical fiber in optical fiber links with light pulses to transmit information, rather than the copper wire used in the electronic pulse to pass information. There are used two basic types of fiber and many different types of fiber optic cable. The two types of optical fiber is called single-mode fiber ( SM) And multimode fiber ( 毫米) Multimode optical fiber: it has a large core, let hundreds of light patterns through the optical fiber transmission synchronization. Multimode fiber is mainly used for short distance system ( The 2 km) , such as building communication, special data network, and parallel optical applications. Single-mode fiber, it has a smaller core, it allows only a light pattern on time spread through the core. Single-mode fiber is designed to keep each space and spectrum of optical signal integrity in the longer distance, in order to allow for more information. Single-mode fiber is usually used in long distance and high bandwidth applications. In addition to the fiber optic cable, you also need to other components in an optical fiber network. Used in a fiber optic network are the main ingredients: * optical fiber connector, fiber optic diverted or test, after occasionally need to disconnect the two optical fiber non permanent connection of the equipment. It back to two kinds of the optical fiber to provide protection. * ring: fixed alignment of optical fiber, is usually the first connection of tube * joint: fixed connection between two optical fiber mechanical joint: * including alignment through mechanical means of fiber optic connectors. * fusion joint: two optical fiber fusion welding or joint together the * optical fiber welding machine: through fusion or welded together, usually by arc splicing fiber optic instruments. : the main optical fiber performance specification: * attenuation in the decrease of the optical power, because it is along the optical fiber transmission, often in decibels ( dB) To represent. See the light loss * bandwidth: the signal frequency or bit rate in one of the fiber optic components, link or network will be the scope of the operation. * decibels ( dB) : a measure of optical power, which indicates that relative intensity. * db: light intensity, refers to assume zero * DBM: light intensity, refers to one milliwatt * ( M) : used for measuring wavelength measurement unit. * nanometers ( nm) : used for measuring wavelength measurement unit ( The one hundred billionth of a meter) * optical loss: loss of light through the optical fiber, the actual amount of light power connector, coupler and so on to send, expressed in the dB. * light power: is measured in 'dBm', or one of db reference power miliwatt. * scattering: the direction of the light hitting a small particles, lead to losses in the change of the optical fiber and is used to measure by using OTDR * wavelength: a light color, usually in nanometers ( nm) Or microns ( μm) Said.
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