Optical fiber welding machine accessories - Electric shock stick

by:Tumtec      2020-05-07
Optical fiber welding machine accessories - Shock rod electrode rod also said put cupping is a very important part of the welding machine, welding all discharge is done through the discharge electrode stick to, but there are a lot of people don't know about electrode stick is consumables, used to a certain number of times you need to change, the detailed explanation on the importance of electrode bar exchange for everyone, and some knowledge of life. First introduce electrode process of great loss, electrode bar appears in the very tip of a needle, although its metal material is hard and there will be no external force wear and tear, but because of the need to bear high temperature for a long time discharge, so the starting discharge apex, inevitably will slowly loss, of course, this is an ideal state. Electrode great loss in the process of actual use as shown in the figure below, because of high energy heat discharge process of glass fiber itself ion diffusion, adsorption to the electrode bar apex, formed a conductive insulating material, in use for a period of time with the naked eye can be observed on the rod electrode these impurities. Insulating film production will make the arc to avoid the discharge, so the wastage of the original start from the top, it is possible to start from the back of the, in the long term will intensify electrode bar apex of the wear rate, make its become very irregular. That in this case, the original have triggered the tip of the two stable arc, becomes unstable, in optical fiber welding machine is likely to alarm, Discharge the left or right) So that it can't provide the stable source of heat for the welding of the fiber, the final welding loss will not be ideal. So the service life of electrode bar may not be as long as we imagine, in case of the above situation, in order to guarantee the quality of welding, must be replaced new electrode rod. And choose the original electrode bar is also very important, fake electrode stick is not capable of high temperature material, size is differ, such as abnormal, so not only the life of the electrode rod itself will be very short, but due to the possible causes of the discharge voltage is not stable, will bring the inside of the welding machine power device burden, or even damage. Electrode rod wear, of course, under the influence of many external factors, such as air humidity, temperature and the material of the fiber, and so on, so the rod electrode life under different working conditions may differ a lot, although our manufacturer has recommended the use of number, but still recommended users according to their actual usage to determine the frequency of replacement. Then often discharge correction also helps to prolong the life of electrode bar and improve the quality of optical fiber fusion welding machine.
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