Optical fiber welding machine also can maintain you know?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-14
Optical fiber welding machine also can maintain you know? A, optical fiber welding machine operation need to be aware of matters except 1, are not allowed to use a dedicated power supply of the charger for the welding machine. 2, items are not allowed to use any corrosion or liquid cleaning cutter rubber mat. 3, pay attention to the use of welding machine parts 4, please in strict accordance with the instructions of related operation 5, such as welding machine of abnormal situation, please contact customer service at the first time. Pure alcohol is refers to the purity above 99% pure alcohol completely, cutting good fiber can't touch anything cutting length according to the distribution of fixture, cutting knife and the user needs to optical fiber into the v-shaped groove, wind cap should be close to the electrode welding machine, pressure plate, etc should be gently close close 2, 1 welding machine spare parts maintenance, check to ensure the normal use of welding machine, every once in a while you need to conduct a comprehensive system check welding machine. ( Button to enter the menu page, select the 'maintenance' below the content, just follow the onscreen instructions to operate) 2, electrode rods at each use of welding machine maintenance, please check the electrode for health, any worn or damaged, dust and other particles should be regularly cleaned electrodes above, in the course of normal use, the electrode stick can be used more than 1000 times. In electrode to shut off the power first, loosen screw joint, remove the electrode rod. Be careful not to let the electrode tip contact any hard things according to the instructions in the manual for cleaning electrode. If one of the following situations exists, it must be replaced electrode, or continue to use will affect the quality of welding. 3, regular cleaning V groove and fiber presser foot if welding machine V groove or optical fiber on the presser foot with dust or dirt, makes the fiber migration in welding process, cause a large loss or unable to weld directly.
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