Optical fiber welding machine appear unable to identify the solution!

by:Tumtec      2020-03-30
Optical fiber welding machine appear unable to identify the solution! The basic working principle of welding machine is as follows: 1. Aim: welding machine are now aim of two optical fiber core, fiber optic fiber core 2 is found through a CCD camera. Discharge: two rods electrode allaying instantaneous high pressure ( A few kv, but is very short moment) To achieve the effect of breakdown of air, air breakdown happens after a moment of the arc, arc high temperature occurs, will have been on the front end of the two optical fiber melt, because fiber is silica material, which is usually said glass ( Of course, more than the high purity of fiber) , is very simple to molten state, and then two fiber move forward a little, so the two optical fiber stick together. Use more machines in question. If machines years longer, may need to consider the motor may be CCD is going to die. 。 If the CCD question, first should be clean, find a familiar pit may after do the curing procedure disorder too general, there are maybe a v-shaped deviation (cao Although V cao by motor drive, but there may not change orientation calibration) CCD with ash fusion loss big or not after welding has no longer work after error motor beyond the trip ( Have stuck, maybe motor are limited position beyond the limiter can direct error recovery)
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