Optical fiber welding machine cleaning method V groove cleaning, clean microscope, cleaning electrode rod

by:Tumtec      2020-04-12
Optical fiber welding machine cleaning method V groove cleaning, clean microscope, cleaning rod electrode welding machine use after a period of time will appear a lot of small problems, it is because of optical fiber welding machine is too dirty, clean the optical fiber welding machine key parts is normally essential steps. Clean V groove V groove if there are pollutants can make optical fiber drawing against the normal position, form can't normal alignment, cause loss of welding is larger. So in ordinary should regularly check and clean the V groove, the detailed process is as follows: ( 1) Open windproof cap welding machine. ( 2) With distribution of the pollutants on the clean duster V groove. ( 3) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol cleaning the bottom of the V groove. Note: don't touch the electrode tip. Don't overexert when cleaning, do not use hard objects ( Such as blade) Clean the V groove, in order to prevent the damage V groove, form can't normal use. Clean microscope welding pause from picture processing system to measure fiber, if micro lens is dirty, affects the normal fiber optic observation, leading to poor welding effect. Reason should regularly clean two microscope lens, insist on microlens and tidy. The detailed process is as follows: ( 1) The closed welding electrical source, opened the wind cover. ( 2) It by a fine with alcohol swab swab quietly microscope lens. ( 3) Then wipe with a clean dry cotton may alcohol, investigation microscope lens, admitted its clean without stolen goods. ( 4) Open the power supply, surveys show the picture without dust, if there is dust, clean microscope must have a beginning. Note: when cleaning not encounter electrode, not touch the lens with hard objects. Cleaning electrode rod electrode surface for long time use attach to impurities, discharge effect, so the demand for regular cleaning electrode. Detailed operation is as follows: ( 1) Long press power key to turn it off, the power indicator light. ( 2) It by a thin cotton swabs quietly with alcohol swab tip of the electrode. ( 3) Press power key open welding machine, the power indicator. ( 4) In the 【 Equipment to protect 】 Select' Clean the electrode 】 。 ( 5) Press the start key, active discharge welding machine, 5 times the impurity on the surface of the electrode with large discharge current gasification, reach stable discharge current, the action of cleaning electrode. Note: in the process of cleaning electrode, don't touch the tip of the electrode with good thing, to prevent damage to the electrode, optical fiber welding machine welding effect.
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