Optical fiber welding machine common fault judgment method!

by:Tumtec      2020-04-18
Optical fiber welding machine common fault judgment method! Optical fiber welding machine in a long period of time after the use of hard to avoid can appear some problems, sometimes is a deadly fault machine, such as damage to internal parts, this time will need to return to factory maintenance, but most of the time are some simple fault, the users themselves can be solved, as users can set their own maintenance machine and welding machine judgment and solve the problem of simple is very important. Small make up today to tell you something about optical fiber welding machine fault judgment method. Optical fiber welding machine is a sophisticated equipment, can be divided into hardware, software and consumables for understanding, and we also can compare it to a gun to explain the function of each part 1, as the hardware part, V groove is put, if it is not straight, playing out of bullets will be slanting, optical fiber is not allowed to; Optical fiber presser foot is accuracy, there is a problem cannot be fixed when optical fiber. 2, as part of the software, observing the optical path of the fiber is just like our eyes, don't know if it can't complete moral core, and the internal firmware of the machine is just like our minds, guarantees that often is in a state of the latest. 3, as part of consumables, welding machine only electrode stick, it's like a bullet, if a bad play, the serious result. So we at the time of use and maintenance of welding machine, you need to use the understanding method above to see the machine, in particular, it is important that we often see in the TV show before the people's liberation army combat to wipe gun, that's because to prevent war gun jammed and also within the same welding machine can't accumulate dirt and garbage, after we finish daily work must put again after welding machine is clean in the carrying case, otherwise waste accumulated eventually lead to welding machine malfunctions. In addition, if after welding machine failure, we can through the above judgment method to deal with problems, be sure to clarify our thinking, not grasping. Finally before and after work every day also should pay attention to these points, so that the welding machine is one of the most ideal state.
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