Optical fiber welding machine cutting knife blade adjustment method

by:Tumtec      2020-07-13
Cutting knife is a important part inside fiber welding machine, mainly used for the cutting of the fiber. In the process of cutting, if do not pay attention to operation, will cause a great loss of materials and the human body. So optical fiber welding machine in cutting, cutting knife must operate in accordance with the relevant provisions. Optical fiber cutting knife after repeatedly cutting welding machine, the blade will happen consumption, cut surface defect phenomenon. If continue this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to adjust the position of the blade mouth. Optical fiber cutting knife to follow the steps below to invert welding machine blade direction using the new blade, blade mouth adjustment method is as follows: 1, with fixed blade screwdriver to unscrew the screw, will be turned into optical fiber welding machine cutting knife edge under a new blade. With cotton bar hold down the side of the optical fiber cutting knife blade welding machine or apex to the lateral release, is easy to turn the blade. Note: the replacement of the blade position ( Rotating blade) , please do not use hand direct rotary blade, can use metal tools, Tweezers) Turn the blade. 2, tighten the optical fiber welding machine cutting knife blade retaining screw. Note: please do not tighten the clamping screw propulsive, may cause the screw breakage. 3, try to cut 1, 2, optical fiber, welding machine picture to check to confirm the cutting section of the fiber. Such as optical fiber cutting knife FC - 6 s poor fiber cutting surface, please adjust the height of the blade.
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