Optical fiber welding machine daily use skills

by:Tumtec      2020-07-03
Know fiber optical fiber welding machine using the technique of welding machine, let us use more convenient. At present domestic fiber industry in constant expansion of the welding machine. 1. Inside and outside clean, optical fiber welding machine, optical fiber itself, important is V groove, optical fiber in areas such as the presser foot. 2. During cutting, to guarantee the cutting face 1 ° to 89 ° +, approximate vertical, in the process of put chopped fiber in the specified location, the optical fiber end face don't contact with any place, met you need us to clean, cut: emphasis on clean before cutting! 3. In the whole process of welding, do not open the clear protective cover. 4. Put the optical fiber in its place, don't too far nor too near, 1/2, proficiency! 5. Heating heat shrinkable casing, process named in reinforcement of the place, when heated, optical fiber welding parts must be put in the middle, with a certain tension, to prevent the occurrence of bubble heating process, the phenomenon such as insufficient fixed, emphasizes the heating process and the welding process of the fiber can be simultaneously, took out after heating, don't touch the heating parts, after high temperature, to avoid danger. 6. Finishing tool, pay attention to the broken fiber ends, to prevent the danger, fiber glass, thin and very hard.
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