Optical fiber welding machine in the use of engineering how should maintain

by:Tumtec      2020-07-12
1. Optical fiber welding machine provided by the manufacturer have a spare fuse replacing the fuse, available for direct replacement. 2. Replacing electrode first remove the electrode chamber protection cover, loosen screw is fixed on the electrode, remove the electrodes. Then loosen the fixed under the crest of the electrode wire, remove the electrode. The installation of a new electrode order and remove the action on the contrary, require two electrode tip clearance for: 2. 6±0. 2 mm, with optical fiber and symmetry. Normally the electrode is not adjusted. In the process of change should not touch the electrode tips, in case of damage, and should avoid electrode inside the machine. After replacement of electrode shall be arc position calibration. 3. Electrode care long time use, the tip of the electrode will produce sediment, the discharge, then there will be a 'hiss' sound, then need to clean the electrode. Recommendations on a regular basis electrodes care the cleaning electrode welding machine. 4. Clean V groove welding machine adjustable scope of core driving up and down in the direction of the only tens of microns, foreign body slightly makes the fiber image deviates from the normal position, can't normal alignment. At this time should be timely clean V groove: 1) Optical fiber welding machine of wind cap. 2) Open the optical fiber head and holder plate. 3) Single direction with cotton bar with anhydrous alcohol wipe the V groove.
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