Optical fiber welding machine is introduced, and how does it work?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-28
Optical fiber welding machine is introduced, and how does it work? This is a optical fiber fusion splicer? Optical fiber arc welding machine is a kind of using them in the face of two optical fibers fused together, to form a single long fiber devices. The joint, or welding, two glass fiber end-to-end permanent connections, can make light of the light signal from an optical fiber into the other with little loss. Welding machine how to work? Optical fiber can be successfully before welding, they need to be carefully stripped of their outer sheath and polymer coating, thoroughly clean, then cut to form a smooth, precisely vertical face. After completion of the work, the optical fiber in optical fiber welding machine, the whole process of it involves three steps: alignment: use small precision motors, the position of the adjustment of the welding machine to produce tiny fiber, until they are correctly aligned, so complete joint will be seamless and without attenuation as much as possible. In the process of alignment, the technical personnel of the fiber by optical power meter, camera, or watch the scope, to see this fiber orientation, due to the magnification. From dust or other impurity burn: no trace of impurities can be spliced transmission ability of optical signals, you can never be too clean when it comes to welding. Even if the fiber is manually before cleaning device is inserted into the joint, a lot of welding machine into an additional preventive cleaning process into the process: before fixing, they produce a small spark between the optical fiber end to burn off any remaining dirt or moisture. Fusion: optical fiber has been correct positioning and any remaining moisture and dust have been burned, it's time to merge together on both ends of the optical fiber, to form a permanent joining together. A second, connected launch melt fiber bigger spark surface, without causing fiber cladding and molten glass core run together ( Keep the package layer and core for good splicing is crucial - separately It minimizes the light loss) 。 Then melting of optical fiber head joint together, thus forming the final welding. Then estimate the splicing loss experiment, most optical fusion contact said 0. 1 the db or smaller typical optical loss.
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