Optical fiber welding machine maintenance and repair

by:Tumtec      2020-04-16
Optical fiber welding machine maintenance and repair of the optical fiber welding machine maintenance and repair of the first part: the optical fiber welding machine of the maintenance 1 cutting knife, cut knife as precision instruments, ban, especially the blade edges do not touch, sharp objects, prevent damage to the blade, the cutting result is bad, affect the welding quality. 2, cutting knife keep clean at ordinary times, commonly used with cotton ( Pharmacies sell) Clean the knife seat small pressure pad, rubber knife height adjust at will, unless 12 cutting point is fully used, can slightly raised the blade height, regulating methods as shown in the manual. 3, if discover the cutting process, the optical fiber fracture in front of the cutting point, can put a knife on the four small pressure rubber pad, after removing the transpositions around under the install, maintain the pressure pad stress equilibrium. The second part: welding machine maintenance. 1. 1 clean 1. 1. 1 clean V groove V groove is opened on a ceramic substrate of a v-shaped notches, on wide below narrow, easy to accumulate dust, lead to optical fiber to promote instability, cause the partial loss of welding, so should be regular cleaning V groove. V groove cleaning method is as follows: 1. Cutting, the preparation of a single fiber, wear the bare fiber into the V groove, excluding groove pollutants. 2. With cotton soaked alcohol clean V groove on the surface and bottom, with dry cotton finally wipe V groove in alcohol. 1. 1. 2 clean fiber presser foot if there is some dirt on optical fiber presser foot, can lead to optical fiber clamping instability, affect the welding quality, therefore should regularly clean fiber presser foot. Open the wind cap, dip in with fine cotton cleaning the surface of the presser foot with alcohol, don't repeated back and forth with cotton to wipe clean, but to wipe the presser foot in one direction, and rotational swab, make cotton swabs unused that facing the presser foot, around waiting for alcohol is volatile. 1. 1. 3 if clean mirror mirror table full accumulated dust dirty, the incident light scattering, absorption, affect optical imaging, fiber position error of the judge, lower the quality of optical fiber welding, so you need to regularly clean the mirror. Infiltrating alcohol swab mirror from the center to the edge of the rotation is wiped, swab itself itself rotate at the same time. Wiped repeatedly, until the mirror surface is clean, no water damage, contamination. 1. 1. 4 clean microscope objective is the core component of welding machines, optical system, must maintain its optical surface cleaning, should be regularly clean the objective lens. With dip in with a little alcohol swab to wipe the objective lens, cotton swabs from the center of the lens to the edge of the spiral movement, has been to spin out the edges of the lens, at the same time swab goes around itself. 5. 2 replacing electrode arc produces high temperature melting fiber, can produce silicon oxide steam, part of the deposit on the electrodes, increasing the surface of the electrode potential energy, will cause the electrode discharge and arc instability. The number in the discharge electrode should be changed after more than 3000 times. Replace the electrodes please click the following steps: 1, close welding electrical source. 2, loosen electrode fixed screw on the cover, remove the electrode cap. 3, from the electrode holder electrode ( The electrode is fixed in the motor seat) 。 4, dip in with cotton paper of alcohol clean new electrodes, and then install to the original position on the electrode holder. 5, loading electrode cap and screw down the screws. 6 and close the wind cap, open welding electrical source. 7, electrode aging for 1 time. 8, if the current welding parameters to AuTo mode, use the test fiber automatic in operation for 3 times. If the current welding parameters to Calibrate or Normal mode, please use the automatic calibration operation within the arc test correction parameters of discharge current. Note: replacing electrode movement wants gently, so as to avoid damage to the welding machine or hurt yourself. 5. Three electrodes aging when welding machine work of the external environment such as temperature, pressure sharply transformation occurs, arc discharge will be unstable, especially from lower elevations to high altitude change, need to do a certain number of discharge, stable working circuit parameters. In the electrode menu choose to perform electrode aging, weld the opportunity to perform five big arc discharge. Note: please according to the current operation, avoid by all means in the open wind cap electrode in the aging process. 5. 4 software upgrades will upgrade file copy to U disk, insert the USB interface of the welding machine, maintenance menu, choose to perform a software update feature, the machine will automatically upgrade, after the upgrade to boot.
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