Optical fiber welding machine maintenance content

by:Tumtec      2020-04-15
Optical fiber welding machine maintenance of optical fiber of the welding machine maintenance content clean, check and tighten, adjustments and lubrication, etc. Cleaning is the welding machine maintenance, one of the main work is ready for adjustment, lubrication, fastening, etc. Because parts covered in oil, can make the adjustment is not accurate, lubrication part into dirt, huining unstable, affect the quality of maintenance. Means of welding machine assembly and adjustment work or repair system, to make them as much as possible to restore or close to the original state. Lubrication to keep the good lubrication of the welding machine parts, not only can reduce the friction loss, improve the efficiency of rotation, can also reduce wear parts, at the same time cooling, cleaning, antirust and seal. Fastening part aims to ensure reliable connection and sealing is good, prevent loose. Body maintenance within the main purpose is to remove welding machine body inside and outside all sorts of oxidation and corrosion, to protect it, try to performance, the reliability and continuity, horse can keep more good running condition for a long time, keep the welding machine to work efficiency for a long time. Therefore, in order to maintain good technical condition, welding machine at ordinary times should pay attention to clean up in a timely manner on the outer body with dirt, on a regular basis to the service center for maintenance, so as to better improve work efficiency, extend the life of the machine.
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