Optical fiber welding machine operating skills are what? Cable welding machine operation method, how to use molten fiber machine.

by:Tumtec      2020-04-24
Optical fiber welding machine operating skills are what? Cable welding machine operation method, how to use molten fiber machine. Q: optical fiber welding machine operating skills are what? Answer: 1, the discharge calibration purposes: for optical fiber welding machine to adapt to the current environment, optical fiber welding machine generally after long-distance transportation, or the change of location correction can be done after discharge, so the quality of the welding out better. 2, confirm your welding of fiber types and need to be heated by the heat shrinkable sleeve type selection: optical fiber type in welding mode select SMF, MF, DSF, NZDF heat shrinkable sleeve type. In heating mode choice, general heat shrinkable casing two minutes and 40 mm, 60 mm, of course, there are the manufacturers according to their production of optical fiber welding machine to customized heat shrinkable casing. 3, welding cut fiber, the fiber in optical fiber welding machines, put the position of: V groove end line center with the electrode rod straight 1/2 place among them, about! Then put good optical fiber pressure plate, press foot, On the other side) Cover, wind cover, press SET key, start welding, welding is completed, put the HEAT shrinkable casing need fixed position, the welding parts of the fiber in the center of the HEAT shrinkable casing, the prevention must be put in the middle, gave him a certain tension, pay attention to don't let the noise of optical fiber bending, tension, pressure in the heating tank, cover, and the key HEAT, will light up to below, the machine will warn heating process is complete, the indicator light will keep flashing at the same time, take out the cooling, such a complete welding process is finished. 4, often pay attention to the problems in the process, 1) , clean, optical fiber inside and outside of the welding machine, optical fiber itself, important is V groove, optical fiber in areas such as the presser foot. ( 2) , cutting, guarantee the cutting face 1 ° to 89 ° +, approximate vertical, in the process of put chopped fiber in the specified location, the optical fiber end face don't contact with any place, met you need us to clean, cut: emphasis on clean before cutting! ( 3) , optical fiber in its place, don't too far nor too near, 1/2, proficiency! ( 4) And in the whole process of welding, do not open the wind cover ( 5) , heating heat shrinkable casing, process named in reinforcement of the place, when heated, optical fiber welding parts must be put in the middle, with a certain tension, to prevent the occurrence of bubble heating process, fixed the phenomenon such as inadequate, emphasizes the heating process and the welding process of the fiber can be simultaneously, took out after heating, don't touch the heating parts, after high temperature, to avoid danger. ( 6) , sorting tools, pay attention to the broken fiber ends, to prevent the danger, fiber glass, thin and tough 5, general maintenance needs clean parts: optical fiber presser foot: dip in with cotton buds alcohol wipe V groove: according to the same direction with special cleaning tools, no words can use alcohol bar, bare fiber can also be used to clean, general multi-purpose air balloon blowing, but avoid blowing with my mouth, did not have the moisture. Clean the V groove specific process is as follows: 1 & gt; The wind cap welding machine. 2 > Open the optical fiber head and holder plate. 3 > Stick with anhydrous alcohol swab ( Or the toothpick sharpening) Single direction wipe V groove, can. Do note: avoid by all means use hard clean V groove or force the V groove, avoid bad V groove or make the V groove misalignment, optical fiber welding machine can't normal use.
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