Optical fiber welding machine power supply problems when working in the field!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-18
Optical fiber welding machine power supply problems when working in the field! Optical fiber welding machine power supply problems when working in the field of power grid construction is very fast now, fiber optic cable application technology is also constantly improving, has become a modern communications network frame, fiber optic cable transmission rate, cable protection, have become a professional things, take the cable lines, now every cable routes are composed of several or a dozen cable of melting point, the field operation while bother to the staff is the power of the optical fiber welding machine problem, at the time of field operation if the battery capacity is insufficient or low power will cause fiber fusion appear empty, empty pick up a lot of optical fiber transmission rate will decline after the overall, directly affects the areas or parts of the optical fiber utilization rate, the following let's to talk about how to solve the problem of field when optical fiber welding power source. Current situation, the general optical fiber welding machine is lithium battery or nimh battery model, full of normally after welding, heat welding after about 60 ~ 120, the large capacity of nimh batteries in more than 150 times, the use of optical fiber welding machine now exist many problems in the optical fiber welding machine maintenance personnel, including battery maintenance is one of the biggest problem, is the continued after the battery is full of charge, no electricity in time, or use without charge in time, after a long period of time, over time, the battery using time significantly shortened, much less power than before, before finally use efficiency is 80% or 60%. So that the general can cope with, but in an accident to repair or long assignments, would be very inconvenient and seriously affects the efficiency of work. Solve this situation many people's way is: 1, buy new battery as reserves, fieldwork when carrying. Do this disadvantage is that the increased costs and increased weight. 2, some people will buy small generator used in the construction site. Such doing, if it is a long distance field operations are the shortcomings of mountains not only increase the weight, but will also create a lot of trouble to staff. How to resolve the situation, let me talk about my experience before, is every time out fieldwork optical fiber welding, the truck will drive to the construction site, engineering car the car battery is a very good field power supply, car power output socket convenient external power supply, battery in field operations can take advantage of this battery is low. But here still want optical fiber welding machine users can do a good job in the daily maintenance of machine and field operation safety, in this way can the real machine's longevity.
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