Optical fiber welding machine real loss measurement principle!

by:Tumtec      2020-05-16
Optical fiber welding machine real loss measurement principle! Real loss measuring principle of optical fiber optical fiber welding machine welding machine in welding after the success will be displayed on the machine a loss values, the data is an important data fusion fiber quality, but the data is not too accurate, is only an estimate; More terrible is to display welding actual loss is greater than the real loss, and there is no any prompt, then introduce welding machine for loss measurement principle and the failure to avoid loss calculation method. Welding the core ideal of seaborne before welding produces loss of welding we think welding loss mainly comes from the optical fiber core shift, because the light is propagated in the fiber core, if the fuse contacts there is a deviation of the fiber core, the light is inevitable at this point the occurrence of the attenuation. As shown in the above three picture, welding machine will be core seaborne before welding, ensure about fiber optic fiber core in a straight line under the condition of welding, the welding is completed the ideal situation is certainly about optical fiber in the fiber core has been online, but if there is a third picture shows core shift, there will be a loss. The principal causes of loss, in the picture above, there are three main core shift, inconsistent mode field diameter, and the generation of air bubbles. Then welding machine is through a series of calculating program final loss estimation results, to avoid loss of will from the source to eliminate the possibility of a problem, the standardized operation steps. Finally displayed on the welding machine, the loss is the sum of the above several ways. Above all, optical fiber welding machine according to estimate loss after welding, mainly depends on the observation after calculation, so the accuracy of observation is becoming the key of display accurate or not. In fact our welding machine in the poor working environment after long-term use of infected with dirt would inevitably, are attached to the display these accessories, such as optical lens and mirrors the dust will greatly influence the accuracy of the estimation, should be cleaned on a regular basis, specific cleaning method is as follows.
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