Optical fiber welding machine safety tips

by:Tumtec      2020-07-11
Small cognitive welding machine welding machine is designed for quartz glass fiber connection, belong to precision instruments. Should be very careful when carry and use, so what should be paid attention to in the use of welding machine safety regulations and how to carry out system maintenance? Below small make up take cane friends under the brand of welding machine as an example, with all of you know. 1 pieces safety warning not use welding machine with explosion danger situations, do not expose the welding machine to open fire, electric shock, the rain or damp environment; In pieces at any time don't on touch welding press mechanical and electrical great; Pieces in the process of preparation of fiber and weld must wear protective glasses, or fiber debris into the eyes, skin or ingested may lead to serious consequences. Mixer in addition to the statement in the manual welding machine allows users to replace parts, no any unauthorized disassembling of the welding machine parts. 2 pieces battery matters needing attention when welding opportunities to the following situation, immediately take out the battery; - - - - - - Smoke, odor, sound or abnormal heating; - - - - - - Liquid, foreign body into the internal welding machine; - - - - - - Machine damage or broken; If have the trouble, please contact the service center immediately. Use only the manufacturer dedicated batteries adapter. Not placed on the power line weight and don't make the power cord is heated or change the power cord. Inappropriate or damage the power cord is likely to lead to smoking, electric shock and equipment damage, even cause a fire, the human body injury or death; The batteries during charging, please don't put battery and adapter stacked together in order to prevent fire or danger. Pieces welding machine, is not to be used for more than a month or more recommended separation of storage battery and machine; It is forbidden to batteries with metal transport or storage; In pieces, please do not for a long time under the environment of low temperature or high temperature, discharge, lest reduce battery life or accident; Ban with metals such as wire short circuit connected batteries is negative; Banned batteries of the positive or negative and the outer package of batteries aluminum-plastic film material of aluminum layer phase short circuit; Battery is expendable, has the certain service life. When check the battery capacity, battery indicator light, but welding machine work time is very short, please replace the battery. Mixer using power set instruments for battery charging is completed, disconnect the power adapter in time, full charge the battery for a long time in the adapter power supply condition, can cause greater damage to battery, there may be accident happened; Mixer is prohibited in the fire, or very hot environment to recharge the battery. Mixer is prohibited under the high temperature ( Such as the strong sunlight or hot car) Use for a long time or place the battery, otherwise it will cause the battery heat, fire or function recession, reduce the service life; 3 pieces maintenance and protection appearance check v-groove, clean the V groove, avoid using hard objects clean V groove and electrode bar; Use dry cloth clean pieces welding machine of dust and dirt; If welding machine external are dirty, avoid using acetone, paint thinners, clean any part of the welding machine can use soft cloth into the neutral cleaning fluid dilution, fluids and wring out after cleaning. Use dry cloth to dry welding machine, but don't use furniture polish, or other cleaners. 4 pieces, transport and storage don't in too much dust or humid environment storage of welding machine. Otherwise it may cause electric shock, the performance of the welding machine to reduce or even damage the equipment; Save time by the smallest humidity, relative humidity should be less than 95%; In pieces when welding machine from a cold environment to the warm environment, try to adopt the mode of gradual warming, otherwise the instrument internal condensation, will produce harmful to the instrument; When transported in pieces to avoid its strong impact and vibration, long-distance transportation using dedicated carry the box; In pieces to avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat environment; Mixer in order to maintain welding machine performance, it is recommended that each year for a machine maintenance; 5 dust check welding machine by imaging to detect optical fiber, the influence on the camera, optical lens the results of observations and could lead to bad welding dust and dirt, dust, dust on the check function to check that the light channel and judgment will affect welding quality. Steps in pieces to choose [ System maintenance] The [ Dust check] 。 If welding machines placed the optical fiber, optical fiber and press [ 集) Check began to dust. If dust found in the inspection, the screen will prompt [ On failure] And show the dirt. Clean the lens, do [again Dust check] Until the screen prompts [ Completes] 。 6 discharge correction of atmospheric environment such as temperature, humidity, air pressure is always changing, which makes the discharge temperature is changing. Inside the machine is equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, to the parameter feedback to control system of the external environment to adjust the intensity of discharge to maintain a steady state. But, as a result of wear and tear of the motor and optical fiber debris adhesion caused by the change to automatic correction of discharge intensity, and discharge center moving left or right sometimes. In this case, the optical fiber welding position will shift relative to the discharge, the need to perform a discharge correction to solve these problems. Steps in pieces [ System maintenance] Select [under Discharge correction] That discharge calibration images. For optical fiber and into the welding machine, press [ 集) Began to discharge correction until the prompt completes, otherwise to cutting fiber discharge for correction, don't quit during discharge correction page.
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