Optical fiber welding machine structure decomposition and function is introduced

by:Tumtec      2020-05-18
Optical fiber welding machine structure decomposition and function is introduced. Optical fiber in optical fiber welding machine is one of the most widely used way in place of, its principle is to use the arc welding method, using arc discharge to produce high temperature above 2000 ℃, fused two optical fibers together as a single fiber, optical fiber welding engineering must be configured a high-performance optical fiber welding machine. But the structure of the optical fiber welding machine is made up of several parts. 1, welding machine display welding machine adopts infrared light source and screen to observe the optical fiber welding process, the magnification of the fiber is 200 - 300 times. A lot of domestic brand models used to change the focal length to respectively to observe the X, Y direction of optical fiber, welding speed is very slow. Now commonly used welding machine is the fiber core direct method ( 没有) Aim to monitor, LCD display can display the X, Y direction at the same time the optical fiber welding process, to the status of optical fiber and the welding quality, fast welding speed. 2 controller, the controller is usually consist of a monitoring unit and microprocessor two parts. Monitoring unit is the local optical power monitoring, automatic adjustment is done by the microprocessor and the connection loss estimation, can be adjusted by changing the microcomputer program started discharge time and discharge current. While the third generation machine with a high resolution camera for optical fiber vertical view lientang, shows that optical fiber image on the screen, and use the optical fiber cladding lens effect directly show toward the fiber core. This observation information at the same time, the camera will provide the core processing unit, is controlled by a central controller tuning machine for automatic alignment, indirect estimation and control of discharge and optical fiber connection loss. 3, there are two main types of heating furnace high voltage source high voltage source, a high voltage source is 50 hz, 220 v ac booster to 3000 - 4 ooov pressure, about 20 ma current; Another is to kh 20 or 40 KHZ high frequency power supply. Way of high frequency high voltage source transformer is small in size, high efficiency, the circuit adopts integrated circuit etc, thus used most frequently in actual engineering practice. 4, discharge electrode by tungsten rod processed into 300 conical tipped with a pair of electrodes, installed on the welding electrical rack, electrode tip interval is commonly 0. 7mm。 When fiber connection through the discharge electrode, arc between electrodes, instantaneous temperature of 2000 ℃ or so, that is in the center of the arc of the optical fiber fusion. Electrode to use after a period of time, the surface will be adherent oxide layer, electrode should be regularly do clear. General ordinary electrode are discharge for 2000 times, if you want to continue after the electrode consume excessive use, will affect the quality of the fiber connection. 5, the core of the optical fiber welding machine adjustable core device is also called the debugging, is usually a fine-tuning mechanism with type 'lever'. 3 d fine-tuning of V groove is by installing spiral micrometer on the long pole end device. The optical fiber, placed in V groove is fixed by mechanical pressure plate. Fine-tuning the X, Y direction by the servo motor to move, lever mechanism is in order to make the adjustment is more sophisticated, axial ( Z to) Move by spiral micrometer adjustment. The institutions of the tuning range is 105 m, regulating accuracy for 0. 1 microns, Z axis displacement accuracy is better than 1 microns.
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