Optical fiber welding machine welding excessive loss of reason

by:Tumtec      2020-04-21
Loss of optical fiber fusion welding machine is too large summarize the cause of fiber will test after welding machine welding fiber loss, the loss is the welding quality, if the loss is too large will directly affect the whole circuit, welding must by OTDR measurement to know real loss and machine show that most of the results is not the result of the real, project acceptance is based on OTDR test shall prevail. The reasons of the loss are as follows. 1, the cutting knife quality is bad, optical fiber end face cutting Angle is too large; 2 V groove, welding machine is too dirty, presser foot is not flexible. 3, electrode to use time is too long, too strong too weak aging after discharge will lead to loss of welding is larger. 4, whether electrodes have fixed deviation. 5, optical fiber placed correctly, in order to avoid program choose not correspond. 7, choosing a program not too extreme. Eight main problems, welding machine program, or lead to abnormal discharge problems of high pressure pump. 9, machine has fell, optical fiber welding machine for precision instrument, it broke after controller motor displacement will cause large loss. 10 and the daily maintenance of optical fiber welding machine is not correct, should be kept clean and discharge clean.
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