Optical fiber welding machine welding plate line method

by:Tumtec      2020-07-07
Plate, plate fiber is in the heart of the optical fiber box tail fiber plate techniques. Optical fiber box with disc fiber plate, tail bare fiber, optical fiber, and just weld joint ( Wire connecting the heat shrinkable tube) , of which the thermal shrinkage tube to the bare wire part * for fragile, here don't pull hard to * *. So the first thing we need to bare fiber and mastering heat shrinkable tube, this part will be fixed to the first plate of fibre plate, the heat shrinkable tube of fixed steel wire pressure to the heat shrinkable tube placed ( Don't pressure pipe pressure in the middle, but the pressure on both sides) And the fixed them with tape. Then good tail fiber stroke, along with fixed tail fiber coupler head straight to the tail fiber tidy, then from the plate on one side of the coil will tail fiber plate, fixed with adhesive tape, disc fiber plate with the tie in the tail fiber fixed, so as to avoid the shaking lead to intense mobile tail fiber optical fiber box will bare fiber break. The above is the use of optical fiber welding machine welding plate line method, hope to be of help.
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