Optical fiber welding machine which parameters to see when the choose and buy? What is the role?

by:Tumtec      2020-03-24
Optical fiber welding machine which parameters to see when the choose and buy? What is the role? With the advent of fiber optic enter a 5 g, world each country began laying optical fiber, which has given rise to a number of optical fiber welding construction team, may have just contact the industry also don't know how to choose fiber welding machine, the parameters of the optical fiber welding machine is what what effect is there? Some conclusions: 1, suitable optical fiber generally for single core, the vast majority of optical fiber welding machine on the market are single core welding machine, weld is only a single fiber; Another for fiber ribbon welding machine, such function of welding welding multiple fiber at the same time. 2, welding time, welding time refers to the fiber in optical fiber after welding machine, optical fiber welding machine to promote alignment, discharge welding, the process of time; Welding time as short as possible, for example: is just like an hour, the welding time 5 minutes, you can only 12 core welding; Others welding one minute at a time, an hour can dissolve 60 core. Is currently the welding time on the market within 10. 3, heating time: optical fiber welding after the completion of the need to use the heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube fuse contact need to be heated after trapping heat shrinkable tube, this time is more short more good; The welding machine in about 20 seconds. 4, splicing loss: optical fiber for light signal transmission is known to all, melt contact welding signal after there will be a loss of optical fiber welding machine is good the most main is see this loss value after welding, as small as possible. At present the welding machine welding on market losses are 0. 02 db. 5, battery, battery capacity, the greater the charge with the longer, like mobile phone battery capacity a meaning. 6, operating environment, such as altitude, temperature, etc. How is the place that in special areas such as very cold, because optical fiber welding machine is to discharge, so want to consider temperature, altitude; The greater the range of support, machine, the better. 7, and the size of the machine: this machine is small operation convenient 8, optical magnification: this parameter can be used as an optical fiber welding machine function reference, the greater the magnification, optical fiber welding machine is the probability of a more accurate, loss will be lower.
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