Optical fiber welding machine which parts are of?

by:Tumtec      2020-05-17
Optical fiber welding machine which parts are of? Optical fiber welding machine is mainly composed of high-pressure pump control device, discharge electrode, optical fiber, controller, microstructure, and the heater ( The heating furnace) And other important parts. 1, high voltage source: used to support the discharge, Will rise to 3 ~ 4 kv high-voltage dc and ac supply, about 20 ma current for high voltage power supply, another is up to 20 KHZ or 40 KHZ high frequency power supply. 2, discharge electrode, a high voltage arc melting fiber; By gold tungsten rod processed into a pair of electrodes, tipped with 30 degrees conic installed on the electrode on the shelf, electrode tip interval is commonly 0. 7毫米; When switching high voltage source, they produce arc, that is in the center of the arc of the optical fiber fused into an organic whole, the service life of the electrode is usually 4000 times and still continue to use the electrode consumption excessively, will increase the loss of connection. 3, optical adjustment device: used to aim the fiber; V groove fine-tuning is by installing the micrometer screw on the long bar end. Of optical fiber, placed on V groove get fixed by mechanical press plate. Two directions of X, Y, fine-tuning and fiber Z axis are orthogonal. Fine tuning range respectively above plus or minus 10 um, regulating accuracy + 0. 1mm。 4, controller, system algorithm processing; Including in the unit and microprocessor, microprocessor used to complete the automatic adjustment, the premelting, welding and connection loss estimation, etc. 5, microscope ( The optical system) : used to help to observe the state of the fiber and welding quality. 6, optical fiber welding machine heater ( Hot stove) : used for heat shrinkable heat shrinkable tube, increase the fiber connection strength.
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