Optical fiber welding what form, how to actual operation, the operation notice?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-30
Optical fiber welding what form, how to actual operation, the operation notice? Fiber fusion can be divided into two categories, welding method, welding machine mechanical connector to connect optical fiber welding machine the welding method of the welding operation is by electric arc welding together was permanently fixed the junction of two or more fibers. Four basic steps to complete a suitable welding: step 1: prepare fiber - Stripping protective coating, fixture, heat shrinkable tube, etc. Step 2: split fiber - Here use good optical fiber cutting knife is a successful welding is indispensable. Cut end must be the mirror surface is smooth and perpendicular to the axis of the fiber, to obtain the appropriate connectors. Note: cutting knife cut fiber! It is only fiber a scratch, he fracture in bending or the impact it makes. Overall goal is to produce a cut end as completely vertical, the better, that is why a good cutting knife often spend $1000 to $3000. Good cutting knife to make a 0. 5 degrees below the cutting Angle. Step 3: welding fiber - Alignment can be manually or automatically according to the equipment you have. Use of expensive equipment, become more accurate. Once properly aligned, then using arc melting optical fiber fusion splicer unit, the two fiber ends welded together permanently. Step 4: to protect the fiber - Protect from bending fiber and tension will ensure stitching not ruptured during normal processing. A typical welding is 0. 5 and 1. 5 n between the tensile strength and won't fracture during normal processing, but it still need excessive bending and tension protection. Use heat shrinkable tube, silica gel and/or mechanical crimping protection will be held from external components and damaged joints. Mechanical connection method of mechanical connection suite is a component to encase optical precision, rather than a permanent combination alignment and maintain in proper place. This method is aimed their core, so light can spread from an optical fiber to another. Four steps to mechanical joint: step 1: prepare fiber - Stripping protective coating, heat shrinkable tube tube clamps and reinforcement, etc. , step 2: step 3: split optical fiber mechanical connection of optical fiber - Simply locate the end of the optical fiber mechanical splicing unit together. Mechanical coupling device in the refractive index matching gel helps coupling light from a single fiber end to the other. Old device will be instead of the refractive index matching epoxy gel to keep the core together. Step 4: fiber - protection The complete mechanical connection provides its own protection. For better stitching tip: 1. Clean your splicing tool completely and often. When working with optical fiber, remember that when using a fiber that is invisible to the naked eye particles may cause huge problems. 2. Correct maintenance and operation optical fiber cutting knife. Cutting knife is your most valuable tool in optical fiber welding. In the mechanical connection need the proper Angle, flat end face to ensure that the correct section of the air. Match the gel will eliminate most of the light to escape, but was unable to overcome the low quality of cutting. You should spend about 500 to 2000 to find a suitable for mechanical splicing quality cutting knife. For welding, you need a more precise optical fiber cutting knife to implement special low loss ( 0. 05 dB and the following) 。
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