Optical fusion access door after these common sense you know?

by:Tumtec      2020-04-22
Optical fusion access door after these common sense you know? Optical fusion access door after these common sense you know? With the development of China's informationization, the optical fiber as spring campaigned across the country. Unicom, telecom as the main development, but the fiber optic devices and past ADSL based on copper wire have substaintial distinction, requires attention to some details: fiber fragile. Ok ok, don't move it. This, in fact, in the process of telecom service providers and install if the installation of the master, you can find. As long as you carefully look at, the abandoned line give it a try. Optical fiber transmission role is one or more of the pure 'glass', gently bending, a hard, it is broken into two pieces. It is not a copper wire, adamant! 'No copper fiber, steal also useless! ”。 So, in order to ensure the installation process is not damaged, tend to have a wire will protect an optical fiber. Important things three times: fiber can't kill curved, hard to fold will be broken. Is broken, can't use, can only use professional equipment optical fiber welding machine processing, you won't be able to restore the communication on its own. However, during the installation process, the master often use cold subgroups - for you A kind of optical fiber connector to connect the outdoor lines and the light of the cat in the home, is the dte. It produced two problems. First, that connecting with the joint is very soft, very fragile, ok don't move. Master also has a direct user perimeter joint is connected, connected to the light of the cat, because of the wire, so it will be more strong. Second, in some area, the small room of each floor of electrical equipment have special storage, optical equipment and distribute information to families here. Can the default the RuHuXian, only can you put the light cat at the door. This brings much inconvenience. If you request the teacher through extra fiber and embedded pipe, extends to the designated room for you, generally to pay the cost of the other. And repeatedly use the connection heads on line, can cause interference, packet loss rate has soared, network quality becomes poor. Solution to the problem of interference is simple: do the optical fiber fusion. But general telecom company does not provide this service, the need to solve. City have those you can retrieve the classification information, many cities have to offer this service, cost of high and low. Optical fiber fusion, is the use of optical fiber welding machine heating, separate the two optical fiber welding to complete a, eliminate interference. Can check the quality of optical fiber, check the light cat report: below receiving optical power, for example, is the important information. - - - - - - 22 is one of the good quality, before fusion, reached - 28, attenuation is bigger. And according to the engineering standards can do - 15 - to - 16, the quality is very good. If you use fiber optic equipment, but also fixed installation, pay attention to is that in some parts of fixed-line access can take up the light cat port resources. Copper wire access, it is through the optical fiber to transmit voice. Light cat equipment access time, often need to telecom department issued configuration information to register access. If it were not for the configuration information, buy their own light cat equipment cannot be used. But know the background configuration information, basically can according to need to be replaced. Note the device type, different types of terminal standard, totally incompatible. To see is EPON and GPON. Or that sentence: nothing you don't move it.
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