Optical process do you know the right steps?

by:Tumtec      2020-05-22
Optical process do you know the right steps? Fiber optic cable operation you know optical welding machine to use the right steps? A fiber optic cable, stripping, and firmly in the box of the cable. 1 m to you as usual stripping, ODF wiring equipment such as stripping length in Sir 2 m ( Or according to the installation guide for stripping) 。 Stripping, attention to cover the pine casing. Strong optical cable to solid enough, put into a twist. Enhance core firm, electrical connection according to the construction standard resolution can join. B, stripping, stripping the pine casing pipe, bare fiber with alcohol to wipe clean, separation of the bare fiber through the heat shrinkable tube. Will leave tube differences, the differences of color fiber. Through the heat shrinkable tube. C, open the fiber welding electrical source, choose corresponding welding of French. Before each application of optical fiber welding machine, should make optical fiber welding machine in welding cases on hold up to five minutes. Real-time application and application after remove the dust in the optical fiber welding machine, especially the fixture, the mirror of groove dust and fiber. D, manufacturing optical fiber end face. Optical fiber end face made of interests will directly affect the quality, before welding, must be prepared to pass the end face. To zero. 25毫米( Outer coating) Optical fiber, the cutting length is 8 mm to 16 mm, about 0. 9毫米( Outer coating) Optical fiber, cutting length can be only 16 mm. Application of the coating layer stripping pliers, skewed 45 degrees, parallel, application of anhydrous ethanol to wipe clean, clean heard before. Clean cut fiber, guaranteeing the cutting knife, cutting, pay attention to dustproof and stop touching anything else. E, shelved optical fiber. Optical fiber in optical fiber welding machine of V groove, beware of fiber board and fiber fixture on pressure. According to fiber cutting length is set in the pressure plate is suitable for position, bare fiber head away from the electrode 1 mm as well. When touching winding fiber winding bias should be upward. 'And after the end of open the wind cap. F, continuous fiber. Press the SET key, the optical fiber mutually to move, move process, stop the preheating discharge end surface hardening, because tension outside, outside of the fiber, it become further aimed at middle and move fiber when the gap between the optical fiber end face is suitable for welding machine after the opposite move, SET the initial gap and measurement of welding machine, cutting Angle and performance. Beginning after the initial gap setting implementation, performance of the fiber core and cladding target, and then reduce gap welding machine, arc will be produced by a low pressure discharge welding together, two optical end microprocessor consumption budget, and the numerical performance on the device performance. All process, BY - 9 - A6S time as usual 十年代。 G, removed from the optical fiber with a heating furnace, heat shrink tubing. Open the wind cap, the optical fiber in optical fiber welding machine, and took thence, then heat shrinkable tube in the middle of the bare fiber, on the heating furnace, after the end of optical fiber out of heater, cooling. H, pan fiber and firm. Will keep good fiber optic disc into the fiber received plate, the plate of fiber, the greater the radius of pan fiber, curve, the greater the attenuation is smaller, good is to must hold to a certain radius. I, sealing and hung. Field constantly box must be sealed, avoid the water. The above steps as a standard procedure, construction should follow the steps above, please do not in order to facilitate and simplify, this will affect the effect.
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