Practical! Optical fiber welding machine daily cleaning process ( The appended drawings)

by:Tumtec      2020-04-12
Practical! Optical fiber welding machine daily cleaning process ( The appended drawings) Optical fiber welding machine is a collection of mechanical, optical, electronic and other technical precision instruments and equipment, itself has a high requirement on the environment and standardized operation. But as one of the most frequently used in the process of fiber connection tool, it is often work in a relatively harsh environment. Therefore, daily cleaning for optical fiber welding machine operator, is very important. Tool material preparation: cotton swabs, pointed swab 1, the whole machine cleaning and dusting generally use large special cloth, dust cover before the close of the case, will the machine clean surface dirt and grease, etc. Special parts difficult to clean, such as dust cover around the groove, with big swab cleaning with alcohol. Complete the machine after cleaning, clean furnace. The presser foot on both sides of the furnace parts, with big swab with alcohol to clean up and down the location of the fiber contact. Clear the foreign body inside the furnace body, general steam blowing. 2, optical fiber core parts of the welding machine to clean this part includes contact with fiber jig, presser foot, V groove, and optical imaging lens, mirror, used for discharge electrode, etc. First of all, can one hand will open the dust cover optical fiber welding machine, using steam blowing dust, such as optical fiber residue garbage blowdown. 2. 1 clamp, the cleanness of presser foot and presser foot is direct contact with the optical fiber parts, daily use process is easy to stick dust, grease, etc. , lead to optical fiber clip is not tight or position deviation, etc. Specific operation method: fixture with big swab to touch alcohol clean up and contact the location of the fiber, presser foot with large touch alcohol swab wiped gently. Arrow to clean part 2. The cleanness of 2 V groove V groove if there is a foreign body inside can make the fiber position deviation, make the normal welding of the optical fiber or splicing loss. Clean the V groove steps are as follows: 1) With distribution of the first steam blowing dust will blow; 2) Alcohol use with pointed swabs from the middle of the V groove, on either side to sweep light, repeated many times; 3) In alcohol when dry, reoccupy steam blowing dust will blow. 4) Such as optical fiber welding machine using longer or V groove are difficult to remove the foreign body, also can use optical fiber to clean. The method is: will fiber stripped clean after coating layer ( Alcohol) , along with optical fiber head V groove in the middle on both sides to jog, will introduce a foreign body. After reoccupy steam blowing blowing dust for V groove position, and can be repeated many times, in order to guarantee effect. Note: do not encounter during cleaning electrode tip, moderately hard when cleaning, do not use hard objects ( Such as blade) Clean the V groove, so as not to damage the V groove. 2. 2 CCD camera and mirrors clean usually, the optical fiber welding machine through two right angles of the CCD imaging to measure fiber, with a focus on the effect of lens is in front of the CCD. If the lens dirty or dust, attached to welding machine can't normal fiber, leading to unable to weld or welding loss increase. Average daily use process, only need to use steam blowing, will adhere to the blow out the dust on the lens. Lens cleaning and specific process is as follows: 1) Close the welding electrical source, open the wind cover; 2) Unload on both sides of the electrode; 3) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the microscope lens ( From the middle screw to wipe) , replace a piece every brush cotton swabs. 4) Then wipe with a clean dry cotton legacy of alcohol ( Operation method as above) , microscope lens, confirming its clean without stolen goods. 5) Optical fiber welding machine boot after doing a dust inspection ( Method for the description) And make sure the lens is clean. Note: when cleaning do not encounter electrode, do not touch the lens with hard objects. Mirrors on the dust cover, the cleaning method is similar to the above. At present most of the new optical fiber welding machine ( Such as U3) Have adopted a higher reliability without reflector design. 2. 3 clean electrode rod electrode is an important components, optical fiber welding machine will surface for long time use attach to impurities, affect the discharge effect, so the need for regular cleaning electrode. Specific operation is as follows: 1) The first to make sure off operation; 2) It by a thin cotton swabs with alcohol gently wipe the tip of the electrode;
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