Single-mode fiber loss during welding is due to the MFD don't match

by:Tumtec      2020-04-23
Single-mode fiber loss during welding is due to the MFD does not match the optical fiber welding machine welding practical single-mode fiber splicing loss ( Two-way average) In fact is omnidirectional, ( Similar fiber related loss will cross joints, for example, it can be seen in the direction of light propagation) . In addition, the intrinsic loss is relatively low expectations for typical manufacturers within the tolerance range of MFD don't match. For example, in the worst cases, the optical fiber related with 9. 3±0. 5 micron fiber two-way MFD specification loss is about 0. 04 db。 External, or splicing process, factors are those that induce splicing method and the program. Welding process factors including transverse and angular deviation, pollution and deformation. The skills can be controlled or by individual minimize operations, as well as by the fiber orientation and melt circulation newer equipment automatically. Machinery ( Butt splicing) Joint, including additional stitching process factors are separate optical fiber end, optical fiber terminal Angle and Fresnel reflex. Specific details and matters needing attention to minimize the loss in the process of welding will be covering the following part of this application note. Splicing practice is the single fiber and obtain high quality welding of key parameters are as follows: work site preparation careful site preparation is essential to produce reliable welding. Adverse environmental conditions, such as dust, precipitation, wind high corrosive gas should be controlled, to avoid the problem with the fiber alignment and pollution. Once the optical fiber is stripping, cutting, cleaning, speed is vital, issues related to minimize pollution. Step in arc fusion bare fiber on the surface of the pollution could increase welding loss, reduce weld tensile strength, or both. Cable to prepare for a particular cable design cable preparation and processing program is usually recommended by specific cable manufacturer, and should be careful to follow. However, some common optical fiber related preventive measures are applicable to all cable design. Enough of a single fiber length should be made as each splicing fiber to complete, the standby fiber will be correctly installed to the organizer no sharp or knot. In addition, some redundant fiber optic splice length can be unacceptable request need to rework.
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