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Six-motor And Four-motor,Which Style Of Splicing Machine You Choose?


TUMTE is one of the most complete kinds of fiber optic splicing machine manufacturer.Owning long distance backbone fusion splicer (core to core with six-motor) V9+, medium-distance trunk fusion machine (core to core) FST-83A, specialized fiber optic splicing machine FST-18S/H for FTTH.

First of all, we need to understand that the fiber optic fusing machine is to fuse two optical fibers together. Customers require that at the same time on the connection, there is a requirement: low loss, low loss, or low loss. Say the important thing three times, so no matter for the 4/6 motor optical fiber splicing machine, as long as the loss is low, which motors can do it.

But there are some differences in the actual process, of course, the results are different, just like two-wheeled cars and four-wheeled cars. Most four-wheeled cars are faster than two wheels, but sometimes two wheels do not necessarily lose to four wheels. It also depends on the period when the technology of four wheels is stable. Six motor splicer is not simply two more motors than four motor splicer. Maybe a lot of customers only know about the motor of the splicer as much as possible. That's true, but it's too general. Today, let's talk about why the six-motor splicer has lower loss and better performance.

Firstly, what is the principle of 4/6 motor optical fiber fusion machine?

1. The first step is to push two optical fibers closer. The second step is to align the optical fibre cladding with the fan-shaped movement of the reference plane, and then put the point of fusion.

 This process is based on the original more left and right or up and down movement adjustment to increase alignment accuracy.

2. The first step of 6-motor optical fiber fusion machine is to promote two optical fibers; the second step is to identify the optical fibers focusing on the core alignment; the third step is to adjust the alignment by moving; this process adds a focus identification optical fibers core, which has the advantage that the accuracy of 6-motor alignment is higher with the core hole in the optical fibers as the reference plane.

In summary, the more motors, the higher the accuracy of the optical fiber splicing machine, but the process accuracy stability of each manufacturer is different. The most stable is the 4-motor optical fiber fusing machine, because the 6-motor technology is not yet stable. At present, the market needs many customers do not understand, so they must feel that the 6-motor machine. OK, the manufacturer naturally complies with it, enlarging the optical microscope multiple, so that customers can see the core with naked eyes. In fact, otherwise, the core can not be identified and the process of core alignment has not been achieved; all the representatives of the quality of the optical fiber fusion machine are not a few motors, but the loss value.

Moreover, in order to choose a fiber fusion machine suitable for our own project, we should make clear our own needs. Is it a trunk line or a metropolitan area network, a common project or a household-only project, and the strict requirement of loss? Generally speaking, the imported splicer has low splicing loss, high equipment stability, but high price. Fiber optic fusion machine is a precision instrument and a diamond drill in construction. If the selected supplier can not provide timely technical services and after-sales protection, it will undoubtedly cause losses such as project delays; therefore, it is particularly important to select a professional sales company.

Tumtec provides you with five exclusive services :24-hour online answer to technical, questions exclusive pre-sales consulting, in-sales training, after-sales maintenance service, three-year warranty service; all-round supporting professional service personnel to provide product consulting, product training, technical support.



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