【 Solution 】 Optical fiber welding machine data reading system

by:Tumtec      2020-04-14
【 Solution 】 Optical fiber welding machine data reading system 1, the welding machine data acquisition system, realize the welding machine and extracting data real-time online store; 2, welding machine and welding module data encoded association; 3, will read the data uploaded to the MES system. Technical solution diagram technology solutions that optical fiber welding machine with real-time data acquisition device data interaction style: a, Internet of things with optical fiber butt welding machine by USB communication; Second, the Internet of things based on optical fiber welding machine data transfer protocol ( Rattan warehouse agreement) Send command reads corresponding data of optical fiber welding machine, the screenshot below is part of: technical solution technology shows real-time data acquisition equipment command reads raw data as follows (welding machines In the case of FSM100) : technical scheme shows that welding data associated with module pass code: 1, code device installed in a fixed position, convenient, ensure that every time the welding to the module's code; 2, the Internet of things after reading module coding, the new generation of welding data associated with module coding; 3, save not uploaded to the MES data gateway. Iot shut and MES data interaction: 1, the gateway through local area network ( Or wireless way) , and set up communication connection and MES server. 2, by huawei MQTT communication protocols, will read the module coding, and data generated by the welding machine, to MES. 3, the Internet of things in real time read module coding, and optical fiber welding machine generated data records, active to MES platform to upload data. Technical scheme configuration instructions for each optical fiber welding machine configuration 1 iot shut ( XL90) , realize the following functions: 1. Communication interface conversion: via USB connection communication and optical fiber welding machine; Through the Ethernet and switch or LAN connection. 2. Real-time data read, protocol conversion, data save: real-time read fiber produced during welding machine run, recording the data, data format conversion, and generate the history database. 3. Data forwarding: reads the data and uploaded to the server database. 4. Acquisition device is based on ARM embedded platform, running LINUX system, the built-in database, configure enough storage capacity, data cache optical fiber welding machine. 5. Reads the data module code ( Optional) 。 Switch configuration: 1. In each production line, according to the number of welding machines, configure Ethernet switch ( Optical fiber welding machine Shared switch 1) 。 2. Real-time data acquisition device through the Ethernet and switch connection. 3. Switches through the Ethernet interface to access enterprise local area network (LAN). 4. Read from the real-time data acquisition device server through LAN optical fiber welding machine survival record data. Other configuration: 1. USB cable, USB cable with shield and filter ring. 2. Switch to choose huawei or H3 products. 3. Cable adopts apragaz Cat6 cable.
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