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Solutions to “fiber tracking failed”


Machine shows “fiber tracking failed” when splicing.


There are multiple reasons for this:

Abnormal fiber holder guiding

Dust on camera

Fiber is not pressed properly;

CMOS malfunction

Dirty CMOS board


Here we gonna introduce the solutions for fiber holder pushing abnormality;

When the machines splicing and shows ‘fiber tracking failed’, open up the shield cover, and observe the trajectory of the fiber holder

We can see the right fiber holder is normal, and left fiber holder is not moving

Lets check steps by steps:

1) Check the fiber holder base part is broken or not;

2Check if the advancing point is stuck or not

3Check if the guide rail is stuck or not

Take out the fiber, disassemble the fiber holder, dust cover, observe the fiber holder base, we found the plastic base is broken, thus we need exchange a new plastics base


Unscrew the fixed screws on the fiber holder base, and take it out with the spring underneath;



Assemble a new plastic fiber holder base, fix the screws, try to move it slightly to check if its moving normally

Reset the spring, dust board as well as the fiber holder in order

After resetting, check if the fiber holder tip point is on the same line with the V-groove.

If its not on same line, adjust the fiber holder base position by disassemble it again;


Adjust the position of the fiber holder until the tip point is on the same horizontal line with the V-groove;

After adjustment, tighten the screws and install the fiber holder;


Try to splicing again to verify if the problem is fixed or not.

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