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Teach You How To Splicing With Fusion Splicer Correctly


First:Purpose of splicing

Connection of optical fiber: fusion connection (optical fiber splicing machine)

We know that optical fiber communication itself has many advantages, but its connection is not as simple as the wire connection, optical fiber fusion machine is the use of arc discharge principle of optical fiber fusion machine.

Second:How to splice

1、 tools: fusion splicer, fiber cleaver, optical fiber, wire stripping pliers, alcohol (99% industrial alcohol is the best, 75% medical alcohol can also be used), cotton (tissue paper can also be used), heat-shrinkable sleeve

2、Discharge experiment:

Purpose: to adapt the fibre splicing machine to the current environment

Why do: better adapt to the environment, discharge more fully, splicing effect better

How to do:

(1) add optical fiber, select "discharge experiment" function, press "SET" key, the screen will display the discharge intensity, until "discharge OK" appears.

(2) empty discharge

When to discharge:

1) when altitude changes (generally more than 1000m)

2)discharge experiments must be carried out after electrode replacement

3)when latitude changes

3、Confirm the type of fiber you are fusing and the type of heat-shrinkable sleeve that needs to be heated

How to choose: fiber type: SMF, MF, DSF, NZDF, etc

Type of heat-shrinkable casing: choose from heating mode. Generally, there are two types of heat-shrinkable casing: 40mm and 60mm.

(of course, there are also manufacturers according to their own production of optical fiber fusion machine to customize thermal shrinkage casing.Don't let it mismatch.)

4、Preparation of optical fiber

Fiber: fiber core, coating layer, cladding layer

We want to splice is bare fiber, fiber core is with optical fiber wire stripping pliers stripping out a bare fiber, with alcohol cotton to clean, and then use optical fiber cutter to cut, to determine the cutting length according to the above parameters,fiber cleaver with size scale, pay attention to keep the cutting face will remain vertical, error is less than 2 ° commonly, less than 1 °, pay attention to, clean before cutting!


After cutting the optical fiber, put the optical fiber into the optical fiber splicing machine.

Position: 1/2 of the center line between the end face of the v-groove and the center line of the electrode rod

And then put away fiber board, press foot (the same as in the other side), cover the wind cover, press SET key, start splicing, the whole process takes 15 seconds or so, the fastest to 13 seconds, two amplification of optical fiber image appears on the screen, after focusing, aim at the location of the series of weld began after discharge, focal length adjustment action.

After completion of splicing, put the heat shrinkable casing need fixed position, the splicing parts of the fiber in the center of the heat shrinkable casing, the prevention must be put in the middle, gave him a certain tension, pay attention to don't let the noise of optical fiber bending, tension, pressure in the heating tank, cover, press add hotkeys, will light up to below, for 15 seconds, such a complete splicing process is finished.

6、Clean up

Clean up tools, put them in the designated position, clean up garbage, and pay attention to smashing small fibre heads when cleaning up.


7、Problems often noticed in operation

(1) Clean, inside and outside of the optical fiber fusion machine, the optical fiber itself, the important parts are V-groove, optical fiber foot pressing and so on.

(2) When cutting, ensure that the cutting end face is 89°±1° , approximately vertical. In the process of putting the cut optical fibers in the designated position, the end face of the optical fibers should not touch any place. When it comes to it, we need to clean and cut again. Emphasis is placed on cleaning before cutting.

(3) Play the optical fiber in its position, not too far or too close, 1/2, proficiency!

(4) Do not open the windproof cover during the whole process of splicing.

(5) Heating shrinkable sleeve, the process is called the reinforcement of the connecting part. When heating, the splicing part of the optical fiber must be placed in the middle, with a certain tension, to prevent bubbles and inadequate fixing in the heating process. It is emphasized that the heating process and the welding process of the optical fiber can be carried out simultaneously. When heating is taken out, No. To contact the heated parts, the temperature is very high to avoid danger.

(6) When finishing tools, attention should be paid to breaking the optical fiber head to prevent danger. The optical fiber is glass, very thin and very hard.

Third:General daily maintenance

Key words: clean, dry

Cleaning tools (commonly used) : cotton, cotton swabs, fiber optics themselves, air bags, alcohol



1、Optical fiber pressure foot: dip in alcohol with cotton swab in the same direction to wipe

2、V- groove: there are special cleaning tools, if not, you can use alcohol bar, also can use bare fiber to clean, generally use air bag blowing, but avoid blowing with mouth, so there is moisture.

Clean v-groove

1>open the windshield of fusion splicer.

2> open the optical fiber presser and clamp presser.

3> wipe the v-shaped groove with cotton swab stick dipped with anhydrous alcohol (or sharpen toothpick) in one direction.

 Note: do not use hard material to clean v-shaped groove or force on v-shaped groove, avoid bad v-shaped groove or make v-shaped groove out of alignment, resulting in the instrument can not be used normally.

Fourth: consumables

Mainly fiber cutting knife blade and discharge electrode

Blade life: 16 faces, each face cut about 3000 times, life of 48,000 times

Electrode life: 3000 times

Note: when cleaning and changing the electrode blade, daily use should also be avoided. Any contact with the electrode part of the blade will do great harm to itself.

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