The Chinese market depth resolution optical fiber welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-04-23
Chinese market depth resolution optical fiber welding machine with the implementation of the strategy of 'broadband China, China is the world of the fastest growing market, the optical fiber as FTTH also lead to the outbreak of the optical fiber welding machine market. As the 2010 China telecom open FTTH large-scale pilot, in the past five years, China is the world's fastest growing FTTH market, every year tens of millions of users covering rate, the demand of large-scale network construction, and even affect the pattern of global supplier of FTTH. By the ministry in November, according to data from China FTTH users has reached 11445 in 2015. Of 10000, China telecom FTTH target coverage reaches 1. 500 million; China unicom goal FTTH 20 million new door cover, urban households access capacity up to 20 MBPS, rural households to 4 MBPS; 'Catfish' China mobile, also will speed up the construction of the optical fiber broadband, keep pressure on telecom, unicom. 4 g base stations construction of optical fiber welding machine sales growth also have some role, the rebound, China mobile's current base station are all through the optical fiber network, the vast number of base stations to the quality requirement of the optical fiber transmission will also increase, the high quality transmission networks need low-loss optical fiber and optical fiber in the welding machine, thus effectively ensure the quality of the wireless network transmission. For radio, film and television, the present is in a state of fragmented, local provincial network system is not the same technology used, FTTH is one of the mainstream choice. Although the initial investment cost than the EOC technology such as slightly tall, but the operational cost, FTTH network performance and long-term evolution has more advantages, has become the inevitable choice of radio and television networks construction of FTTH, at the end of 2013 cable subscribers to 214. 59 million in our country, including the cable digital TV users for 162. 27 million, 75 digital cable TV penetration. 62%. Radio and television are actively carry out two-way network transformation, at the end of 2014 the two-way network user has covered more than 100 million users. At the same time of bidirectional network transformation, personal broadband users also to have certain growth of radio, film and television radio and television personal broadband users reached 9. 88 million by the end of 2014, year-on-year growth of 15. 15%. In the fixed-line broadband market, telecom operators or occupy the absolute superiority, personal broadband users is less than 5% of radio, film and television. On August 25, 2015, the State Council general office issued by the 'triple play promotion plan', advancing a triple play, and substantive work. In addition to the traditional FTTH market, some emerging areas, such as radio and television, railway, electricity, etc. At present, however, that the emerging market development is still difficult to compared with the traditional telecom operators, due to recent years, the industry informatization construction, network construction is represented by the smart grid industry bring brand-new market demand for optical fiber welding technology. In addition, due to the optical fiber of low cost, high reliability, high bandwidth characteristics are become the latest must-haves in the construction of Internet of things, this also for optical communication has brought the new market development prospect. And with the optical fiber is applied to various scenarios, will bring new development opportunities for the welding machine. Figure 1 optical fiber welding application market share figure optical fiber welding machine of the Chinese market in 2015, optical fiber welding electrical application letter accounted for 69% of the overall market, the factory used 12%, CATV applications (8%), residential/enterprise application (8%), military (1%), other special applications accounted for 2%. Market data analysis since 2013, said goodbye to the high price s welding machines, ushered in the three consecutive years non-stop reduction tide, no matter domestic or imported brands started to enter the crazy mode of price cuts, almost all brands of optical fiber welding machine involuntarily involved, the price of rattan warehouse optical fiber welding machine from 50000 yuan to 35000 yuan; The price of sumitomo fiber welding machine from 44000 yuan to 30000 yuan; . Drain through adjustments in recent years, the profits of optical fiber welding machine water, the security of the original optical fiber welding machine manufacturer, this will have to sharply reduce profits, lower factory price, the supplier will, avoid supplier unprofitable, leading to the sales system collapse. Figure 2 Chinese market growth figure broadband optical fiber welding machine the implementation of the strategy of China, China FTTH application progress is accelerated, accelerated the three carriers in 2015 JiangFei investment or more than 435 billion yuan, optical fiber welding machine market in China remain nearly 20% of high-speed growth, by the end of 2015, optical fiber welding machine in the Chinese market sales volume has more than 100000 units, OFweek industry research center is expected to 2015 - In 2018, the optical fiber welding machine state of the Chinese market will continue to maintain rapid growth. Figure 4 optical fiber welding machine classification figure FTTH share welding machine market share accounted for 72%, is expected in 2016 optical fiber welding machine sales in China will have 15% growth, FTTH fiber welding machine market share will be further improved.
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