The common problems in optical fiber welding, optical fiber welding machine is a common problem

by:Tumtec      2020-05-10
The common problems in optical fiber welding, optical fiber welding machine is a common problem. Welding common question 1: what is the meaning of the optical fiber welding? A: optical fiber welding is fast welding together, two optical there are two ways to weld fiber: mechanical and fusion. In mechanical joint, described in the optical fiber and the end of a certain type of sleeve inside hit together. Mechanical joints are normally used for semipermanent connection, in case of an emergency recovery or used for testing and troubleshooting. Mechanical joint usually show a greater loss than the contact melting and reflection. In welding, two optical fiber are literally welding or fusion together. This makes showed very low loss, almost no reflection combination. The focus of this article welding, although most is discussed here can also be applied to the content of the mechanical joint. FAQ welding welding common question 2: what is welding? A: melting or move a device, called optical fiber welding machine. Fiber end surface preparation and cracking, placed in the calibration device in fusion splicer, and press the button in the optical fiber end surface of the electrode heating, assemble and welding. With a variety of models of welding machine, the function and performance, and of course costs. Factors such as high-end devices allow users to store there in time and temperature can be highly customized single program or a formula. These units amplification and intuitively display welding, using positive fiber core on line fiber. Optical injection technology and image processing software for maximum queue so light passing through from one optical fiber to other core, to ensure that the minimum loss of welding. This kind of welding unit can also provide an estimate of splicing loss. The more basic welding machine can be used in a package on the weld line fiber. Open on fiber sitting on a bracket or v-shaped groove, and the 'physical' on the basis of the outer diameter. Welding common question 3: how to test the quality of the fiber connection? A: for fiber optic cable welding quality monitoring, at present there are mainly three kinds of monitoring methods in engineering, first of all, using optical fiber welding machine screen will display a loss of value; Second: using OTDR monitoring molten contact third: using the light source, optical power meter welding or cutting insert loss test, but directly cut off or insert belongs to destructive testing, so it is not usually used in engineering. Welding common question 4: why do I get the 'compensation' in my permanent V groove welding mistake? A: migration is usually in the V groove or optical fiber debris. Welding question 5: : when I perform optical fiber welding machine discharge calibration, I got the message 'steam'. Why would happen? A: this may need to be repeated many times to get the arc power as the best value. Continue until the optical fiber welding machine by performing a discharge calibration tests.
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