The daily maintenance of optical fiber welding electrical great ( Graphic)

by:Tumtec      2020-04-11
The daily maintenance of optical fiber welding electrical great ( Graphic) Electrode stick replacement and maintenance electrode rod is important material in the optical fiber welding machine, the electrode stick work for a long time in high temperature and high pressure environment, its discharge area ( Tip) Is easy to change the intensity of discharge, the discharge position, due to oxidation effect, leading to the splicing loss. Often do so, the electrode stick maintenance, replacement is very important. 3. 1 the daily maintenance of electrode rod cleaning: keep tip no foreign body. Attachments to difficult cleared (such as cutting-edge Such as the oxide, etc. ) , can use a dedicated for cutting-edge parts grinding, grinding paper makes tip shape rules. Discharge experiments: discharge experiment is an important operation parameter correction discharge, generally in the loss of welding, welding machine long pending use or use environment change obviously, Such as from low to high altitude areas or in areas with high temperature to low temperature areas, etc. ) Such as cases, the need to do discharge experiment. Steps: 1) Boot up, enter the menu - > Equipment maintenance - > Discharge correction - > Validation ( The menu button) ; 2) The preparation of two optical fibers ( Peeling coating layer, cleaning, cutting) ; 3) Optical fiber ( With welding operation) ; 4) Press the start key, welding machine automatic do discharge operation, and to assess effect of discharge; 5) Such as discharge effect is good, correction discharge welding opportunity to repeat until the correction of success; If the discharge effect is poor, need to repeat step 2 ~ 4; 6) Complete the correction. 3. 2 electrode bar change according to the condition of the use of electrode bar, general advice electrode rods in 3000 ~ 5000 for replacement after discharge. If continue to use, can affect the welding effect. Change steps: 1) Boot into the menu - optical fiber welding machine > Equipment maintenance - > Replace the electrode ( The diagram below) Prompt, according to the instrument operation to replace the electrode ( After selecting individual instruments automatically or shut down) ; 2) With outer hexagon screwdriver ( At the bottom of the cutting knife with) Break off electrode rod cover board and electrode plate fixed screw and remove the cover plate and the fixed plate, and then remove the old electrode; 3) Plastic with electrode rod head, pull the plastic protection tube, to press the electrode rod into the slot; 4) Knob screw, finger light electric shock polar plastic head to push in the direction of electrode and then screw down the screws. Then pretend to good electrode cover; 5) Electrode stick after replacement, press menu to confirm, device will automatically electrode stick aging operations ( Air discharge) And zero discharge times.
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