The daily maintenance of optical fiber welding machine

by:Tumtec      2020-04-16
The daily maintenance of optical fiber optical fiber welding machine welding machine as high in the process of the fiber connection tool, is often used in the environment is relatively harsh environment. Proper maintenance is helpful to improve the service life of the optical fiber welding machine, can make it work better. If you have a optical fiber welding machine hand, so have to maintain it in time? Below, Germany colorful for communication mains of the more frequently used welding machine as an example, in view of the daily maintenance of the welding machine, Suggestions are given. The guest officer please see - — 1, clean clean! Clean! Clean! Important things about time, never enough. 一个。 The whole machine cleaning as often go to do the inspection for our clients, socially responsible company engineers have a lot of colorful in Germany. Some welding machine, it was a gloomy. Welding machine for more than a few years of dust on the shell. Although the fiber in the environment not clean, but if in the long run, dust fall into the machine, dirty V groove, corrupt the lens, the motor, this is what to do? ! So, usually with a cloth or wet towel to wipe of the welding machine shell, and exposed to the surface of the part, gas blow the dust, and it won't take too long time. b。 The cleanness of V groove V groove is an important component in welding machine, its role is fixed and support about welding in the optical fiber. For the daily maintenance of welding machine clean V groove is one extremely important step. V groove clean concrete can view of the importance of clean V groove welding machine and method. c。 Optical fiber presser foot and pressure plate clean as direct contact area on the surface of the fiber, there is dirty thing can affect the alignment of the fiber. So, often should use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol wipe d. Electrode after cleaning and welding machine used in the long run, arc discharge gasification will make part of the optical fiber, glass after gasification part adhere to the surface of electrode, after a long time will affect the discharge electrode. e. Lens clean when there are dust on the lens or are attached to the lens optical fiber after gasification, affects the alignment of the fiber, alignment time to extend or can't aim at the situation, and estimation of weld loss can have influence. Clean to unload electrodes, and then use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol, outward from the center to the spiral looped way to wipe. f。 Cutting knife clean it by alcohol swab to wipe fiber respectively clamp block, anvil block and blades. Remember when optical fiber debris or cutting Angle is greater than 3 degrees on the clamp block should be clean. 2, electrode bars often replacing electrode must change. Single core welding machine is generally recommended to replace a 5000 times, multi-fiber welding machine to replace a 1500 times. Specific please see Germany colorful welding electrical and mechanical explanation of great change and steps. To note here is that you want to use the German colorful equipped with fixed electrode under the screwdriver, gently twist of the screw, don't be too hard! 3, high discharge correction, recommend a discharge correction every day. Otherwise, a discharge correction before each use. Remember, when the welding machine to travel long distances, or when the temperature and humidity have severe changes, to discharge correction. 4, the blade position change and the adjustment of the blade height optical fiber cutting quality is closely related to fiber loss, in order to realize the low loss, good cutting quality is also need to guarantee. Blade replacement position and blade height adjustment methods please see cutting knife adjustment method. Welding machine is like a used car, to take care of and protection, so as to improve the service life of it. In addition, we suggest that the welding machine each use a year or so, it is best to welding machine to get the colorful authorized agent Germany for an inspection and maintenance.
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