The day is cold, winter maintenance of optical fiber welding machine 'secret tactics'

by:Tumtec      2020-04-09
The day is cold, winter maintenance of optical fiber welding machine 'secret tips' for workers to work in the field of communication, the worst winter work environment, especially now the cold season, optical fiber welding machine is out of order, its maintenance is particularly important. Then what can we do to minimize failure rate, the following is a quick rundown. First, we should pay attention to avoid too much vibration at ordinary times, at the same time also need to pay attention to waterproof, moistureproof. Conditional friend can put the desiccant inside the chassis, machine and don't have to be placed in dry ventilated place. Second, do not change the machine on its own internal parameters oh, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine, it is not worth the cost! Third, welding welding machine before the best boot engine for a few minutes, do several discharge, so that the welding machine is stable. Fourth, the winter dust is large, so the cutter face don't pollution at work, must use alcohol to wipe. Alcohol cotton ball had better use bubble, anhydrous alcohol with low concentration of easy to freeze. Weld tensile test, have to be careful, it's cold in winter, it is easy to move aggressively to break. Also, do the following: ( 1) Keep the welding machine lens, windproof enclosure mirror mirror clean. If there are any stain, usable cotton swabs along one direction is wiped. Lens fog easily in winter, please pay attention to clean the lens. ( 2) Maintain the cleanness of V groove. ( 3) Maintain the cleanness of linking piece, presser foot, to seal, pressure on available alcohol wipe. ( 4) Pay attention to wind cap sensitivity. ( 5) After doing preparation for welding and into the fiber, please do not open the axial-flow compressor. in order optical fiber welding the wind hood, avoid dust.
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