The details in the process of optical fiber welding

by:Tumtec      2020-05-15
Optical fiber welding details how to do peel fiber does not hurt in the process of fiber? Optical fiber coating surface of the strip to be familiar with the master, steady, fast three-word peel fiber technique. 'Flat', is a fine to ping. Left thumb and index finger must pinch fiber, make it into a horizontal, the dew length by 5 cm is the best, more fiber in the ring finger, little thumb between natural bending line, in order to increase strength, prevent slippage. 'Stability', that is optical fiber stripping pliers must hold firm. 'Fast', namely the peel fiber to move quickly, peel fiber clamps should be vertical, and the optical fiber to tilt Angle to the direction and then in the jaw gently stuck fiber, right hand hard, then along the fiber axial flat out, the whole process to natural, with one end. Bare fiber clean bare fiber cleaning work in the following two steps are needed to operate. 1) To observe whether fiber stripped off part of the coating layer is completely stripped off, if there is residual heavy shell. If there is a little difficult stripping of the coating layer, can use alcohol cotton with a moderate amount of alcohol, impregnation, and gradually erased. 2) Cotton to tear into flat circular pieces, with a small amount of alcohol ( With two refers to knead without overflow advisable) Into V 'shape, and clamp strip cladding fiber, along the fiber axial to wipe, strive for success at a time, a piece of cotton USES to change in time after 2 ~ 3 times, each time to use the different parts of the cotton and level, such already can improve the utilization rate of cotton, and prevent the fiber's two times pollution. 3 bare fiber cutting cutting is one of the most important part of the optical fiber end surface preparation, precision, fine cutting knife is a foundation, strict and scientific practice is the guarantee. Cutter choice the former simple operation, reliable performance, with the improvement of the operator, the cutting efficiency and quality can be greatly improved, and require the bare fiber is shorter, but the higher requirements to environment temperature difference of the blade. The high cutting quality, suitable for cold conditions in the field operation, but the operation is relatively complex, the working speed is constant, require a longer bare fiber. The skilled operator at room temperature for fast optical fiber or emergency, it is advisable to adopt manual cutter; On the other hand, a beginner or a cold conditions in the field operations, straight with an electric knife.
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