The importance of a clean V groove welding machine and method

by:Tumtec      2020-04-13
Welding machine of the importance of clean V groove V groove and the method is an important component in welding machine, its role is fixed and support about welding in the optical fiber. A simple example it is equivalent to a gun, the barrel of a gun doubt how could play out of bullets hit the bull 's-eye, so normal maintenance of the welding machine cleaning V groove is one extremely important step. Welding machine in normal use process, if there is too much similar to the optical fiber migration of fault alarm, you can see both sides of the fiber misalignment and the offset of the fiber is too large, if can be adjustable core 4 or 6 motor machines may through the action of V groove to correcting errors, but if it is not the core of the two motor machine or strip welding machine, will directly report to the police, cannot continue to weld, this time you need us to clean the V groove. Doubt causes as shown in the above two pictures, because the V groove residual waste, lead to optical fiber placed around is not a straight and level after it, this time is the core, weld cannot be completed. Even when the machine can be adjustable core, V groove in the amount of waste too much can also lead to over travel to the core of the motor, or shorten the service life of machine. Cleaning method of V groove as shown in the above, can use a swab or cutting good fibre for V groove, carefully clean, pay attention to cleaning the light must be hit, if necessary you can also use a magnifying glass to look at the bottom of the V groove. While the material of V groove for ceramic is so crisp prevent use something hard to burnish. After cleaning the V groove can compare before and after cleaning, also can at the same time cleaning at the top of the optical fiber presser foot. Often clean V groove can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce welding welding work at ordinary times after the loss, and can effectively prolong the service life of welding machine.
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