The nursing methods of optical fiber welding mechanical and electrical pole

by:Tumtec      2020-07-05
Electrode welding machine is optical fiber inside one of the very important part, so we need to maintain the electrode in the process of using. Specific methods are as follows: 1, optical fiber welding machine to replace electrode first remove the electrode chamber protective cover, loosen screw is fixed on the electrode, remove the electrodes. Then loosen the fixed under the crest of the electrode wire, remove the electrode. 2, the new electrode installation sequence and remove the action on the contrary, require two electrode tip clearance for: 2. 6±0. 2 mm, with optical fiber and symmetry. Normally the electrode is not adjusted. In the process of change should not touch the electrode tips, in case of damage, and should avoid electrode inside the machine. 3, after replacing electrode shall be arc position calibration. 4, electrode used for a long time, advanced produce sediment, the discharge, then there will be a 'hiss' sound, then need to clean the electrode. Advice on a regular basis to clean optical fiber welding machinery very care.
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