The preparation of optical fiber welding machine before use

by:Tumtec      2020-05-13
Optical fiber welding machine before use the preparation of strip in addition to optical fiber coating layer other protective layer using optical fiber dip in need before welding machine with alcohol cotton cleaning from optical fiber tail about 100 mm in length of optical fiber. If fiber is butterfly, need butterfly fiber wire stripping pliers skinning opening line about 40 mm, as shown in figure 2 9. Other fiber are peeled off with two miller clamp with scissors optical fiber coating layer outer protective layer, other - as shown in figure 2 10. Figure 2 - Figure 2-9 stripping butterfly optical fiber 10 other single core fiber stripping installed figure 2 fiber heat shrinkable tube for fiber heat shrinkable tube, to protect the molten contact after welding. Prior to installation to confirm no goods inside heat shrinkable tube, and keep the heat shrinkable tube with parallel to the optical fiber, as shown in figure 2 11. Figure 2 - 11 install heat shrinkable tube 3 optical fiber coating layer removal and cleaning ( 1) Stripping optical fiber coating layer with strip clamp strip optical fiber coating layer, length of about 30 mm, as shown in figure 2 12, 2 - 13. Manual removal will be optical fiber into the fixture after the central groove, the optical fiber to show clips about 30 mm. Figure 2 - Figure 2-12 coating layer stripping length Manual removal coating layer (13 2) Fiber optic fiber strip after cleaning it by a cotton with high purity alcohol since coating with bare fiber interface, in the direction of the bare fiber, while the circumferential direction, while cleaning the debris coating layer, as shown in figure 2 14. Figure 2 - 14 clean fiber cutting fiber (4 1) Open the cutting knife clamshell, will have been stripped fiber ( With jig) In the cutting knife fixture groove, and maintain the surface of fiber and cutting knife vertically. ( 2) Forward extrusion fiber fixture, ensure the front facet of fixtures and cutting knife fixture groove face against; If not against, cutting the fiber may be too long. ( 3) Slowly down fiber clamshell, cutting fiber. ( 4) Open the fiber optic plate, remove chopped fiber. ( 5) Take out optical fiber debris, in the optical fiber debris box. Note: when there is a cut end face not beautiful or not to cut off the fiber, please adjust the cutting knife blade; In addition, it is best to use the welding machine cutting knife, please. 5 place fiber optical fiber welding writers wind open ( 1) Open the wind cover; Observe whether V groove is clean; If not clean, it should be clean and V groove, see chapter 3 3 cleaning method. 4. Section 1. ( 2) Will cut fiber ( With jig) In welding module fixture groove, and ensure the fiber in V groove, as shown in figure 2 15. Figure 2 - 15 fiber placement ( 3) Observe whether optical fiber end face location is in between the electrode tip and V groove, and a bit near the electrode tip; Otherwise please be redone fused optical fiber. ( 4) Gently press down wind cover, can start welding.
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