The solution to the optical fiber splicing loss is big

by:Tumtec      2020-06-19
Reduce the loss of optical fiber welding method 1. As far as possible on a route using unified batches of high quality famous brand bare fiber for unified batches of optical fiber, the mode field diameter is basic and same, optical fiber after disconnection, at some point between the two mode field diameter can be seen as consistent, thus breaking point welding can make the mode field diameter on the influence of the optical fiber splicing loss to a minimum level. So asked to produce cable manufacturer by unified batches of bare fiber, continue to produce according to the requirements of the cable length, number and distinguish the country on every plate of A and B side, can not jump. When laying optical cable need to be confirmed according to the number along the routing order of cloth, and ensure the front coil and A plate after the B end of the cable to cable connected to A client, and ensure the welding can weld at breaking point, and make the weld loss value reaches the minimum. 2. Cable in cable laying process, in accordance with requirements are strictly forbidden to cable small circle and discount, distort, 3 km of the optical fiber must be more than 80 construction, 4 km must be more than 100 construction, and equipped with 6 ~ 8 interphone. Are no more than 80% by weight of the cable traction, are no more than 100%, the instantaneous maximum traction traction should add on the cable enhancement of the pieces. Laying optical cable should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of fiber optic cable construction and the lowest limit to reduce the risk of the fiber optic cable construction of the damage, prevent the fiber core from weld damage incur loss increased. 3. Choose experience rich practice of the optical fiber welding personnel welding welding current is mostly active fusion welding machine, but in place of personnel directly influences the degree of depletion of the unequivocal. In personnel should strictly in accordance with the optical fiber welding process flow diagram of the connection, and in the process of welding should be fused by OTDR while welding junction in the loss. Do not fit requirement should be to weld, the weld loss value larger point, repeat frequency welding with 3 ~ 4 times advisable, dogan optical fiber splicing loss is bigger, can cut off a cable from the new open cable welding. 4. In place of cable should be in clean condition are strictly prohibited in the case of the dusty and humid outdoor operation, cable welding parts and things, data should be clean, must not let optical fiber connector be affected with damp be affected with damp, preparatory cut fiber must be clean, must not have dirt. After cutting fiber may not show a long time, especially in the air in the dusty moist conditions. 5. Selects the high precision optical fiber end face of the cutter to the preparation of fiber end face of fiber surface of black and white and directly affect the splicing loss intrusive, cutting the fiber should be flat mirror, no burr, no defect. The axis of the fiber end face Angle should be less than 1 degree, high precision optical fiber end face of the cutter can not only improve the success rate of the optical fiber cutting can also improve the quality of the optical fiber end face. The OTDR test can't melt contact ( The OTDR test blind spot) And optical fiber particularly major maintenance and repair. 6. The proper use of the proper use of welding machine welding machine is the important guarantee of reduce the loss of fiber connection and key links. (1) shall be in strict accordance with the welding machine instructions and operation process, the correct welding machine operation. (2) the reasonable optical fiber placement, place the fiber of V groove welding machine, the movement wants light. This is because the fiber core diameter of 10 nm single-mode fiber, if you want to weld loss less than 0. 1 db, the optical axis of the radial deviation less than 0. 8nm。 (3) correct reasonably set depending on the type of optical fiber welding parameters ( Pre discharge current, time and andadministrative electric current, andadministrative electric time, etc. ) 。 (4) in use and after use to remove the dust in the welding machine (timely In particular, when the fixture, the mirror and v groove of dust and fiber pulverized) 。 (5) the service life of the weld mechanical and electrical pole generally about 2000 times, use for a long time after the electrode will be oxidized, lead to loss of discharge current is big and make the weld value increases. At this time to remove the electrode, use medical absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol wiped gently and then to the welding machine, cleaning and discharge at a time. If the discharge current is still large after cleaning for many times, must replace the electrodes. 7. Selects the high quality qualified connector guarantee performance index conforms to the relevant regulation activities joint insertion loss should be controlled in 0. 3 dB/( Even lower) , additional loss is not greater than zero. 2 dB / 8. Joint activities can good, tightly coupled, prevent light-leaking 9. Ensure the connector activities should be paid attention to in the clean construction, maintenance, cleaning and adapter (plug Flange) And to ensure a clean room and equipment environment, keep a plug and adapter ( Flange) Dirt and dust, to minimize the scattering loss. ( 1) In optical cable should be in a large place neat site and try to avoid operating in dusty and humid environment, optical parts and tool, the material should be kept clean, cutting the fiber must be clean, must not have dirt. 2) Choose the appropriate welding procedure, if there are no special circumstances, generally choose the automatic welding process. Before each use welding machine, welding machine should be brought in welding environment, put more than 15 minutes, and warmed up. And in the use and remove the dust in the welding machine in time after use, especially the fixture, the mirror of groove type dust and fiber ( 3) Selects the high quality and high precision of cutting knife. Cutting operators require action to nature, balance, to avoid the broken end of the fibre, bevel, burr and so on, must no longer clean fiber after cutting. ( 4) During the manufacture of the fiber end face and clean immediately after cutting, can't stay a long time, also should be performed immediately after the completion of welding, cutting the whole process can't intervals. ( 5) Optical fiber welding, the whole operation process of fiber optic light to take light put, prevent to touch something else cause fiber end face of the break. ( 6) To choose high quality welding heat shrinkable tube, it is very important.
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