The use of optical fiber cutting knife

by:Tumtec      2020-07-19
Optical fiber transmission has a large capacity of transmission bandwidth, communications, low loss, is not subject to electromagnetic disturb, cable diameter is small, the weight light, the original data on the original fat wait for a characteristic, therefore preface is becoming a new transport. Light in the optical fiber transmission loss happens, the loss is the first by the transmission loss of optical fiber itself and fiber loss of the welding joint. Cable once order, the transmission loss of optical fiber itself is determined, and loss of fiber of welding joint is related to fiber itself and site construction. 1, optical fiber optical fiber cutter blade welding machine to confirm the devices of the sliding plate at the front end, open the platen size. 2, with peel fiber pliers strip optical fiber coating layer, set aside for 30 - long naked degrees Dip in 40 mm, with alcohol cotton wool or cotton paper fiber, then wipe off the fiber. Use absorbent cotton or cotton paper to wipe a, don't use the same cotton wool or cotton paper to wipe the second ( Note: please use the purity is more than 99% alcohol) 3, visual optical fiber coating layer edge alignment on cutter scale ( 12 - 20cm) After appropriate scale, the left hand to press the fiber into the fiber cutter guide groove, require bare fiber straight on the left and right rubber MATS. (4), optical fiber cutting machine small pressure plate, pressure plate, driving device with blade slider, make blade row cut fiber under the surface, and free sliding to the other side, to cut off the fiber. , hold fiber cutting machine 5, left hand to open the clamp and remove fiber debris, in fixed container. 6, knead a optical fiber at the same time, the right hand with his left hand to open small optical fiber cutting knife clamp, carefully remove the cut end face of optical fiber, note: clean the fiber cross section and don't touch it.
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